1 Day In Ubud, An Ultimate Guide To Enjoy Ubud

Finally, I have time to write my 1 day experience in Ubud! So, I visited Ubud 2 weeks ago but after that I got sick for 2 days last week and finally now I have time to write my experience after sorted many things!

First of all, I was not in a fit condition when I went to Ubud. I went on Friday evening straight from my office and stay for 1 night in a guest house. It was raining hard on my way to ubud from Canggu, and my condition is a little bit cold and sore throat.

After around 50 minutes, I arrived at the guest house called Three Dewi’s Guest House. Located in the middle of Ubud, you can go anywhere by walking and also you will see a paddy field right next to the guest house. I paid IDR 250,000/night + breakfast, you definitely could find a cheaper option even less than IDR 100,000 with a dorm kind of room. I chose this guest house just because I want to enjoy my time and relax, it is for 1 day anyway.

Alright, I’m sure all of you come here to see the itinerary or places to go in 1 day, so let’s jump into it!

Rice terrace field in Tegalalang

Tegalalang rice terrace field from above
Tegalalang rice terrace field from above

I really recommend coming to this place in the early morning, around 9 to 10 am would be perfect to avoid other tourists and the sun! This place is a must to go if you have never visited the Jatiluwih rice terrace field in Tabanan. If you have visited Jatiluwih, basically this place is offering a similar thing, however in a different way.

The terrace in Tegalalang is steeper and if you go to the field you may see a swing or just simply enjoy a cup of coffee. Also, the difference that you might feel is the temperature is different. Because of the different altitude, Tegalalang in Ubud is much hotter compared to Jatiluwih in Tabanan.

As you can see on the picture above, I took the picture from above which is free if you just want to enjoy it from above just next to the street. However, I’m sure you won’t waste the opportunity to see directly the rice terrace. You may go down to the terrace, and you just need to pay a certain amount of money.

rice terrace field entrance
rice terrace field entrance

You will see many sign like in the picture above and usually there will be people with a traditional costume that will ask you some amount of money. Basically, you can go down and enjoy the rice terrace field as much as you want after you pay.

I have some tips if you want to go down, it will be quite challenging to walk on the field and sometimes it would be muddy so prepare your shoes, flip flop, or whatever that you think OK to wear on that situation.

photo spot above the terrace
photo spot above the terrace

Moreover, there will be a photo spot as well so you can take a beautiful picture with the rice terrace as a background. Also, please keep this in mind if you find a spot for taking pictures with a pretty good property like in the picture above. You may need to pay a donation if you want to take a picture on that kind of spot. So better check first before you embarrass yourselves, usually, there is a donation box.

empty road to Tegalalang rice terrace in the morning
empty road to Tegalalang rice terrace in the morning

There are many cafes above the rice terrace field, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch as well. But for this, you have to come a bit in the afternoon because most of them are still close around 9 am. Here is the location of Tegalalang rice terrace field

rice field on the side of the road
rice field on the side of the road

I did not spend much time in this place, however, I enjoy more the way to get to the rice terrace. Because you can drive peacfully in almost empty road (in the morning) and a beautifull rice field scenery on left and right side. So, most of the time I just Stopped and took some picture for free!

I was lucky because the rice is still there and some of them are almost ready to be harvested. If you go to this kind of place, you need a little bit of luck because sometimes it is not easy to predict whether the rice field is planted or not.

Campuhan ridge walk

campuhan ridge walk
campuhan ridge walk

The second place I visited is Campuhan ridge walk. Basically, it is a trekking track and many people jogging in this area in the morning or evening. I would also recommend coming in the morning or evening to avoid the sun. To be honest, you don’t have much thing to do in here, only a good scenery from above, and a quite long way to walk to the end.

campuhan ridge walk sign
campuhan ridge walk sign

I stop after a few hundred meters just to enjoy the scenery and come back. I recommend using a comfortable outfit if you want to walk until the end because it will be tiresome if you are not a sports person. A few years back, it might be a little bit confusing to find the place, but now you can see a sign and you just need to follow it.

When I was there, someone just taking a pre-wedding photo. This place is famous to take this kind of picture, or if you good in photography I’m sure you can take a good picture as well because I saw many good pictures from my friends on Instagram.

Here is the location of Campuhan ridge walk, it might be a little bit hard to find because you have to go inside a small road and google map probably will not find it, I personally used this place as a destination point in google map, if you find it you will see 2 roads, and then just go left and you will find a parking space.

Tukies coconut ice cream

Tukies coconut ice cream with half coconut
Tukies coconut ice cream with half coconut

After those 2 places, and especially because of the walking at Campuhan ridge walk, I went to Tukies coconut ice cream shop. My friend recommends me this place and said the coconut ice cream is delicious. Well, it was delicious! I ordered ice cream with half of the coconut, well it was not the cheapest ice cream you could find but it is delicious. I think for 1 scoop around IDR 20,000 and the price could go up to IDR 60,000 depends on your choice.

I have no idea how can they make the coconut so crispy, combine with the small brown things above (I don’t know what it is, coconut?) makes a good combination and sweet.

So, I finished my journey in Ubud 2 weeks ago in half day just visiting the places above. My condition was not fit and during the afternoon to evening it was always raining so I decided to just go back. But, don’t worry guys it’s not like 2 weeks ago is my first visit to Ubud, I still have plenty of places to visit to complete your 1-day trip!


babi guling
Babi guling

I would really recommend you trying babi guling (suckling pig). It is a Balinese traditional food. However, if you are not used to spicy food and it is your first few days in Bali, I would not recommend eating this because it might be affecting your stomach afterward.

If you want to try this food, there is one famous place right in the middle of Ubud nearby Ubud Palace called babi guling Bu Oka. I forgot about the price, but I think it was around IDR 40,000.

This is not your type of food? You have many choices in Ubud, for example, Fair Warung Bale, they not only selling food but also helping the poor related to health issues. Sweet Orange Warung or Cafe Pomegranate an open place in a rice field.

Sacred monkey forest sanctuary

After lunch and your energy is full, it is time to walk a little bit more in sacred monkey forest sanctuary. Basically, it is a huge forest with various type of big trees and temple, and of course with many monkeys.

monkey forest
monkey forest

It is a beautiful place but also a little bit dangerous because of the monkey. You have to be really careful here with the monkey, don’t put anything in the open place for an example water bottle, hat, or even glasses. The monkey could steal it even though you are wearing the hat or glasses.

But, if you brave enough, you can feed the monkey with a banana that you could buy there. Here is the location of the monkey forest. It is a huge place so you might spend quite some time here.

I think these places would be enough to spend your 1 day in Ubud, you may visit some temples there if you still have some time. But, for you that want some adventure and adrenalin flowing, I will give a bonus place or activity to do in Ubud.

Hash run

My colleague really recommends this activity. Basically, it is a walk or runs through the forest or nature in a different place every time they organize the run. So it will be always a different place, and it is not every day you can do this activity.

It is a true adventure through the forest, rice terrace, or river. They start from the latest at 4.30 pm, it would be better to start early so you can finish before dark. I have not tried this yet, but based on my colleague experience with his family and friends this could be a scary yet challenging activity.

One of his friends got lost in the forest, luckily he found a way with the help of local farmers. So better to start as early as possible before dark, and always go in a group. You may check their website to see their schedule here

Those are my recommendation if you are planning to visit Ubud and only have 1 day to spend. To be honest, there are many more activities that you can do, for example rafting, go to museum, or watch balinese dance.

Let me know if you have any questions, or any other places to visit in Ubud!


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