About Us

Hi welcome to mayrealm!!

I’m Mayun Bary from Indonesia, in Bali to be exact. There are a few reasons on why I created this website. Firstly, I love watching anime and discovers a lot of things through anime. Thus, I really want to share everything about anime and show that anime is cool and it’s fine to watch whether you are an adult, unless anime is really not your cup of tea. Moreover, I would like to create my own little world in the corner of the internet just because I want to do it and I would like to put some footprint of my existence.

Secondly, I’m more on the introvert side, so I like to spend my time with myself. I try to find something that I like and enjoy doing it. Most likely I’m not the best person to write a review about anime on the internet. However, I just want to write what I feel after watching anime and share the experience. Moreover, I would like to increase my English writing skill as well that’s why I will be using English on this website.

Basically, I use this website as a place to pour my feeling mostly about anime and try to make people understand anime. Hopefully, the content that I share here would be useful. Please bear in your mind that I’m using this website to improve my English skill, there would be many grammatical errors here in there, your input or grammar correction would be much appreciated!