Ahiru no Sora, The Best Sports Anime in Fall 2019?

Finally, after isekai domination on almost every season, I can watch something else this season. In my opinion, Ahiru no Sora is one of the best sports anime in 2019. If you are a manga reader, maybe you already know Ahiru no Sora. Started in 2004 in shounen manga, finally Ahiru no Sora anime launched in fall 2019.


Alright, after I watched the first episode it reminds me of Haikyuu. It has a similar main character that has a disadvantage in sports in this case basketball. Sora Kurumatani just starts his high school life and really excited to join the basketball team.

Basically, He is short to become a basketball player and many people bully him. Also, the basketball team in his new school does not have any motivation to play at all. Therefore, Sora trying to convince everyone to play basketball again and make a great team.


Rebuild the basketball team

Sora Kurumatani’s mother is a former national basketball player. Seeing his mother playing basketball influenced him to play basketball as well. However, he has a problem with his high, being a basketball player height is the most important asset to have. Being a short player makes Sora in a hard situation.

Being a short player does not mean that Sora could not play basketball, in fact, he is a good player. After moving to a new school and starts his new journey, he is excited to see and join the basketball team. However, the basketball team in his new school simply does not exist.

Problem with basketball team
problem with the basketball team

There is a basketball team, but they are not doing anything related to basketball at all. They are just a bunch of thugs with no interest in basketball. However, Chiaki and Momoharu had experiences with basketball during their middle school time but they stopped because they had a bad experience.

After several attempts, finally, Sora had a chance to show his skill to everyone. They decided to do a match between Sora and the other 5 people, if Sora wins they will allow him to join the team. In this episode, the anime starts showing interesting scenes when Sora shows his skill and surprised everyone. This is the first step to rebuild the basketball team, after Momoharu defeated by Sora he is interested to start play basket once again.

Sora VS Momoharu
Sora VS Momoharu

First opponent

After many struggles, finally, the basketball team starts to look better. Soon after that, they encountered their first opponent which was Shinmaruko High School. They don’t want to lose, so everyone started training from the basic dribbling.


On the match day, Momoharu starts with a brilliant jump and got the first ball. Not only that, but Sora also got the first 3 points with the shot from the middle. This is part of their strategy, to make everyone shock and lose their focus. But the funny part was everything seems like just luck πŸ˜€

Sora and team obviously losing the game against Shinmaruko, they don’t have the best player on their side. However, they still enjoy the game until Chiaki shows up and changes the situation. Chiaki is a genius basketball player, sometimes he just lazy to play a game because he had a bad experience in the past.

Chiaki and Momoharu
Chiaki and Momoharu

Chiaki role is as a point guard, he has a good view of everything in the court and plans the strategy. After Chiaki joins the game, everything is getting better. They lost the game, but if they count the score only when Chiaki joins actually they won the game.

Chiaki true power


I really enjoy watching Ahiru no Sora, the story is light and for now, keep me wondering what will happen in the next episode. The story is a bit slow in my opinion, but maybe they need it to build the momentum for the climax story.

I really love Chiaki’s character, sometimes he just lazy and sometimes he becomes serious AF πŸ˜€ His silliness also a good part of the comedy, and his expression so enjoyable to watch. The latest episode when I write this post is 9, and they have another guy that joins the team. Based on the opening, there will be 1 person that suppose to join the team.

So far the story is a bit slow, maybe they will try the qualification for inter-high in the next few episodes or maybe finding another guy to join first. They still lacking many things as a team, in the latest episode (9) they were thinking to find a manager. So, I think they will build the team first in the next episode.

Overall, I recommend Ahiru no Sora to watch. I think this is the best sports anime in this season or maybe in 2019. Ace of Diamond may be taking the first place for this year, so I would say Ahiru no Sora is one of the best for sports genre in this year after Diamond no Ace.


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