Anime Recommendation : Code Geass

Code Geass is one of my favorite anime, it is started to airing from 2006 until 2007. It is relatively an old anime and probably some people does not like the graphic, but for me the graphic is still good. It came with 25 episodes for the first season and another 25 episodes for second season in 2008.


The story is about the main character named Lelouch Lamperouge which is the son of the king of Britannia. Britannia has the strongest military power and trying to conquest the world, Japan is no exception. Just because Lelouch is the son of the king, does not mean that the kin and the kingdom will protect him. Since his mother got killed in her house and soon after the accident his little sister lost her sight, and they got dumped to Japan as part of the political action. After that he held a grudge against the Britannia and swear to find his mother murderer.


Let’s start from the genre, Code Geass consists of various genre in one anime i.e. mecha, super power, drama, action. So basically Lelouch got a super power that he can use as a weapon against the Britannia, after he got the power his life has changed once again. He joined an anti Britannia squad, and soon after he became the leader. As the episodes goes, the anime reveals how genius is Lelouch and also his dark side. Code Geass contain a lot of surprises and plot twists in the story, the story goes deeper and deeper. I’m trying to not reveal the story, because if I explain the story really detail you will lose the good part of the anime.


Even though I already watched code geass, sometimes I re-watch it again and it is still good. If you are looking for a great story anime with a lot of surprises, code geass is absolutely for you. You will find a lot of unpredictable scene and plot twists, it is not just one or two times but a lot! I would say the story is 10/10. Indeed this is pure my opinion and might be different from other, but still I think at least it is worth to try.


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