Anime Recommendation: Dororo

I’m not following much anime on this season, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, and Sword Art Online are the main three animes that I’m currently watching. However, I stumbled upon another anime that probably worth to watch.


The anime that I’m talking about is Dororo. Actually, current Dororo is a remake from 1969. The manga itself published around 1960 made by Osamu Tezuka and then the anime was airing from 1969. The anime is unique because of the main character has no voice for the first few episode.

The main character got cursed and all 48 organs on his body taken by demon. The result is he can not hear, speak, see and does not have a body. His body is made of a fake body like a puppet. In order to get his organs, he needs to fight the demon. Besides anime, Dororo also got a love action on 2007.

The Story

The story is set during the war in Japan or in samurai era. Daigo Kagemitsu is a leader on his village, however his village is really poor and he would not be able to show his self as a competent leader to the General. In his desperation, he made a promise or deal with the demon.


In order to help his village, he made a deal and willing to give anything to the demon. As the result, when his first son was born, his son lost every organs (48 organs) but soon after that his village gain prosperity. Then he ordered to kill the baby, however on the way to the river the servant got killed by a demon and the baby followed the river stream on the boat.

Then a samurai saved Hyakkimaru and raised him. The samurai gave him a fake body and teach him to use a sword to defend his self. After that, Hyakkimaru goes on a journey to kill demon and take back his organs everytime he kill the demon.

Dororo 1969
Dororo 1969

What makes the anime unique is that Hyakkimaru has no line or not speak during the early episodes. Also, I feel that the anime is really classic. Ayakashi, samurai, war are really classic story for anime, just like Inuyasha. With the remake, the character and graphics looks much coller and better.

Dororo has a chill and slow pace in my opinion, not much dialogue, and the actions are also not not excessive and realistic. Probably not many people like this kind of anime, but I think it is worth to try.


AS for me, it is kinda weird. I give it a try because it is about samurai, ayakashi and so on. I did not expect the story like this, and it is a little bit boring. However, I could not stop to watch the next episode like something keep pulling me to watch. Therefore, I think it is worth to try!


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