Anime Recommendation: Kono Oto Tomare

You know since the pandemic spreading I have a bit more time for myself to do whatever I like. I wanted to do a lot of stuff such as study for my English test even though I’m not sure when I can take the test due to this pandemic.

Furthermore, I started to watch anime again and try to catch up with a good anime. I spent quite some time searching through youtube almost every day to watch a short clip of some random anime and if I like it I try to find it.

Then, yesterday I discovered a masterpiece! It is truly an underrated anime and I believe that not many people are ware of this title. Since I’m a maniac, I finished 26 episodes within a day from morning to morning because the anime is so good I can’t help it.

To be honest, it has been quite a while for me to watch anime that really could make me chocking and even shed a tear. Let’s put aside Naruto, One Piece, Bleach or any famous anime that everybody watch. Those title are just on another level and they need to build the story for a really long episode.

Kono Oto Tomare, just watch this anime. I do not care if you have not watched anime before or just watching the famous title. Kono Oto Tomare could be your first anime that will make you want to watch anime and appreciate. Anime is just for kids, if you have this kind of thinking please give Kono Oto Tomare a try!

I can guarantee most of you will like it, Anime is not just for kids hopefully through Kono Oto Tomare you can learn a few things (I’m sure you will) and appreciate anime more. Obviously, there are many anime relying on good graphic with a mediocre half baked story following the trend, but not Kono Oto Tomare!

I write this post right after finished watching the anime so I still have the feeling. Once again Kono Oto Tomare is not an average anime, it is a masterpiece! Hopefully, with this post, I can convince anyone to watch the anime. Oh ya, I will just write my opinion here as I do not really want to tell so much of the story so you can enjoy watching it later.

This might be not the best review as I just pouring everything that I felt, but I hope this would help a little bit as I want to share a great anime so everyone can feel the same way.


To put it simply, Kono Oto Tomare is all about school life or club in a school to be exact. Have you heard about Koto before? it is a traditional Japanese instrument, check here to get more information.

The story mainly focuses on seven people on the Koto club that try their best to get to the national level. However, Takezo Kurata the only member left after his senpai graduated. After that one by one, he gathers members until getting seven people, they have their own background and reason to join the club.

I can’t really explain it in a good way, but just try to watch it and you will know it is not that shallow. I will explain to you why this anime is worth watching! Usually, I put some images to help you guys imagine, but for this, I will put the Koto instrumental that they played instead.

Strong plot

Alright, the first reason is the plot. I have watched a lot of anime ranging from various genres such as action, comedy, ecchi, harem, isekai, you name it! The major problem usually is the story/plot, it is to shallow and predicted. For example, let’s say an anime about isekai, mostly the main character got transferred to another world and become overpower.

Then you know what will happen, you just watch it for the sake of it may be because the main character is cool, etc. The point is the story mostly the same if we are talking about isekai. Kono Oto Tomare has a fresh idea about Koto, and a strong story for the main character.

To be honest, I do not really like a romance genre because I’m afraid and probably fed up with the plot. Mostly the problem is a love triangle, or harem without any conclusion with a stupid guy that knows nothing about his and other feelings.

Kono Oto Tomare makes me chocking and shed a tear almost on every episode, it just touches you right in your heart. Seeing every character’s development and the hardship that they went through. Not to mention that the Koto instrument is truly beautiful to hear which makes the story even more dramatic.

My expectation was to see a relationships problem and some issues with their opponent for example cheating or to see a really evil opponent that broke their instrument or do something to their members. But, there is no big incident or fatal incident like what I was expecting.

Usually, around the ending there will be something comes up and they will overcome it somehow. I mean there was something came up, but it is normal and make senses and I like it that way. Not much love story either, even though in the end there are 2 possible couples but that’s not the main focus.

Inspiring and rich content

For me, watching anime is not just to entertain, but also to find inspiration and even learn things from the anime. Kono Oto Tomare teach me a lot of things, well first of all now I know about Koto and I like to hear it now!

Moreover, watching anime always makes me wondering whether or not they do the same in the real life. My guess is they do the same, they work really hard to reach their goal and they respect the process not just the outcome.

Chika Kudo is a good example that you can do anything if you put you heart and work hard. A little bit about Chika Kudo, he is one of the main characters that have no idea about Koto and he likes to fight and have no life. Until one day his grandfather introduces him to Koto.

His grandfather is a koto maker, by the way, then when Chika wants to change himself his old friends destroyed his grandfather’s house and all the koto. After his grandfather passed away, Chika joins Koto club in the school made by his grandfather and decided to protect it.

In the end, he learns how to play koto and gather his friends, which eventually got more serious to learn koto as well. It is because of their strong connection as a friend, also during the story, they change a lot of people after seeing their practice and listening to their music.

What I do not like

Alright, I talk a lot about why Kono Oto Tomare is a good anime to watch. However, I do have something that could have been done to make the anime better. I wish that they finish with the love story. Well I know that the love story is not the main focus, but they show it anyway, but not finish.

The story just showing the female two characters are fall in love with 2 guys in the club. It is possibly become 2 sweet couples in my opinion and I think that they will become couple. Unfortunately, they anime finished without a conclusion to their love story, it is just become a little bit of spice to the story.

I mean, if there’s any possibility to release season 3 and continue the story that would be perfect! However, I do not think there will be season 3 to the anime. I have not checked the manga but if the anime follows the manga and that’s the whole story from the manga I think there would be no season 3.

That’s all, I just wish that they at least finish the love story because I feel really bad not knowing the finish line even though I can assume that they become couple, but it is good to see it as well.

Thank you for reading this long post, hopefully this post could help you and in the end you try to watch the anime!


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