Anime Review: Doukyonin wa Hiza Tokidoki Atama no Ue

So I’m not following as much anime as I used to. This season I only watch Tate no Yuusha and the OG slime. So I still have some spare time to give a try several episodes of new anime. I came across Doukyonin wa Hiza Tokidoki Atama no Ue. I know the title is really long, basically the story of a cat and an introvert.


Like I explained above, basically, the anime is a cat and an introvert live together. Subaru Mikazuki is a novelist that is not good socializing with people and live his own life alone. Meanwhile, Haru was a stray cat before Subaru saved her.

Suddenly, they have to live together in the same house. Since Subaru is not good socialize with people, he lives alone and does not like to be bothered. Meanwhile, Haru is abviously will become a threat to his peaceful life.

On the other hand, Haru is not used to live with a human, she does not understand love. Therefore, the anime is about their new journey to understand each other and discover new life.

The Story

Basically, the anime is focusing on Subaru and Haru daily life. Both of them discovering new things every day. After finds Haru, Subaru started a new novel with Haru becomes the main character. Meanwhile, Haru which was neglected on the street has discovered love.

The Encounter

Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue - Encounter
The encounter

Subaru is not good with socialization since he was a kid, he only loves to read a book instead of socialize with other kid. Since his parents passed away because of an accident, he lives alone at his house. Because of his hobby reading a book, he becomes a writer or novelist.

One day, he finds a stray cat when he visits his parent tombstone. The stray cat obviously makes him uncomfortable, so he tries to just ignore the cat and gives her some food. However, somehow he attracted to the cat and decided to bring her to his house although he has no idea on how to take care of a cat.

Since Subaru is living by himself, he rarely takes care of himself i.e. not eating regularly. The result is he fainted because he was focusing on his novel and forgot to eat. On the other hand, Haru is trying to help him with her food and stay by his side. After he is awake, his editor already on his house and help him. Since then, he realizes that Haru was trying to help him by giving her food.

New life begins

Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue - New life
New life begins

After that, their new life together begins. Both of them discovering a new thing every day. For Subaru that has no idea on how to take care a cat, it is really tiring and troublesome. He does not even know what to feed, how much and how often.

Since Subaru is writing a novel about a cat detective, his editor gives him many books about a cat so he could find one or two things that he needs to know about a cat. After reading the books, Subaru kind of has an idea on how to take care of a cat but still not enough.

Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue - Many food
Too many food

Subaru started learning about a cat’s life after seeing many weird things that Haru does i.e. sleep on a small space, sleep in a warm place. On the other hand, Haru also feel a little bit weird about human because she was never dealing with human before.

Your name is Haru

Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue - Oukami
Met Oukami
Image Source: Lostinanime

For the first few episodes, Haru does not even have a name because Subaru does not know about things like that. Until he needs to buy a food for Haru and he needs to go outside to a pet store. He meets Oukami in the store, and she asks him what is his cat’s name and he said his cat does not have a name.

From there, Subaru starts thinking about name for his cat. Furthermore, he tries to call Haru with many names until Haru reacts to one of the name. Finally, Haru reacts after Subaru calls her Haru and Subaru decided to name his cat Haru.

Image source: Lostinanime

Haru has no idea about name or anything, she only knows when Subaru calls her Haru means eating time. Until she realizes that Haru is her name because she meets her little brother at Oukami house. His little brother tells her that Haru is her name and wen Subaru calls her with Haru, she approaches him.

Haru's little brother
Haru’s little brother
Image source: Lostinanime

2 perspectives story

Unique thing about Doukyonin wa Hiza Tokidoki Atama no Ue is the story has 2 different perspectives. One is from Subaru, and the other is from Haru. You will see 2 perspectives on every episode, half Subaru’s perspective and other half Haru’s perspective.

In this way, you may see both characters development instead of one of them. For example, when Subaru calls Haru with her name and she comes to him, Subaru thinks that Haru understand. However, you will see on Haru’s perspective why she comes when Subaru calls, it is because Haru thinks it is a food time.

I personally never watched anime like Doukyonin wa Hiza Tokidoki Atama no Ue which has 2 different perspective or story. Moreover, the story also about their own life. For example when Subaru was a kid or when Haru was on the street.


Is it recommended? probably, Doukyonin wa Hiza Tokidoki Atama no Ue has a light story that might be good for you. However, I personally find it a little bit boring. When I write this review I already stopped watching the anime. The story is simple about their daily life, but for me it is a bit too plain.

It is not that fun to watch and I just could not find the excited feeling to watch the next episode. I know that it is a slice of life anime, but I think Barakamon is much better to watch. Almost similar story, but I think Barakamon more lively.

In the end, it is up to you whether to watch it or not. If you have time, probably try to watch a few episodes and you can decide after that. However, if you are into a slice of life genre I think you should watch this anime.


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