Anime Review : Goblin Slayer

I have been watching a few anime this season, Sword Art Online Alicization, Tokyo Ghoul, and Goblin Slayer are on the list as well.


Ok first of all, if you can’t stand anime with a lot of blood and intense violent. I do not think this is for you. Well, the story pretty much almost the same as other adventure anime that fight with a monster, demon, etc. The genre and story reminded me of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar despite of the different in the story in general. So the main story is about an adventurer called Goblin Slayer. He is a high-rank adventurer, however, he is only want to take the mission related to goblin.


The anime is currently airing and the latest episode was 4 until this post made. The story is full of blood, violent aaanndd rape! It is still not clear what is the goal of the anime, and there is no explanation about the main character as well. I think on the latest episode has explained that the main character has a trauma and really hate goblin because the goblin killed his family. He usually hunts goblin alone, however after he saved a new adventurer he has a friend. The face of the main character is remain secret since he always wears a full equip armor.


Goblin Slayer is a really dark fantasy anime. Even from the eposide 1 you can see that this anime is really cruel and just like a reality. I think that is the attractive side of the anime, it is really deep and real. For example, as a newbie they are excited to start a journey. However, the journey is not as fun as they thought. Most of them got killed by goblin because they underestimated them. The anime explain thing like this that make the anime is deep. A lot of strategy as well to kill the goblin, from the smallest thing. I might get bore as time goes, because I think the story is just repeating again and again. But for now, I’m just curious about the story and what will happen next.


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