Anime Review : Grand Blue

To be honest, currently I do not really watch much anime. I only watch the mainstream anime like Tokyo Ghoul, SAO, Attack on Titan, and One Piece. It is hard to catch up and try to watch every anime since I do not really have much time to spend. Luckily, nowadays if there is good anime it will become viral and you just need to try to watch it. I would like to recommend Grand Blue, it is super funny anime. Probably the funniest anime that I ever watch this year.


Basically the story is about Iori Kitahara’s life. He just started the college life, and he moves to his uncle place which is a scuba diving shop. He is anticipating the college life since he went to the boy school. But everything just turned out not as he planned and all the funny things happen.


Well, let me tell you what is Grand Blue all about. Despite the cover and the title, Grand Blue is not all about the ocean. It is about alcohol, drunk, naked, and stupidity. I was really shocked when I watched the first episode. It was so funny! and I watched 12 episodes until 2 am in the morning. Trust me, Grand Blue is funny. It’s all about Iori’s life that changes to a kind of disaster because he wanted to get closer to girls just like normal college life. However, he met 2 guys from the scuba diving club and they forced him to join the club. And guess what? It all about drunk and being naked! In the anime, the main character has to have a rival or best friend. In Grand Blue, Imamura Kouhei is the rival. Together they formed a stupid single community with the other guys. I can explain the whole story with a thousand word, but it would be better to watch it!


Conclusion? You have to watch it! Otherwise, you will regret it. It is a really funny anime, for me, it is the funniest anime that I ever watch this year. I can not stop to watch it until I finish all the episodes. The story is simple, easy to understand, yet it is fun to watch. It is about college life, so probably you can relate if you are in that position as well. I’m not sure if the anime will get another season, but I hope it will get another season! Please let me know if you have any anime recommendation that I should watch.


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