ASRock DeksMini A300: Is Gaming Without a VGA Era Has Come?

Gaming industry is continously changing from time to time. Intel is the king of processor that no one can beat, until AMD launched their new Ryzen processor in 2017. That was a bad news for Intel, but a good news for consumer because now they have different choices of processor for different budget.

Nowadays, people want a system in the smallest form factor as possible. Intel has been developing Intel NUC for that segment before AMD. In a small form factor, often you can not put a VGA on the motherboard and rely on integrated GPU from the processor. This problem is what AMD addressing with their DeksMini A300.

What is a small form factor computer?

If you are familiar with a PC, usually there are a few types of sizes i.e. ATX full tower, ATX mid tower, ATX mini tower, etc. You may find more information on this link. Basically, a small form factor computer is much smaller than those.

Intel NUC Skull Canyon
Intel Skull Canyon
image source: Digitaltrend

The picture above is Intel NUC Skull Canyon, a powerful small form factor computer that could handle gaming and any other tasks that you normally do on a normal PC. The size is almost the same as the controller but has a powerful system inside.

Does small form factor computer good?

This is a common question before you decided to buy a normal PC or a small form factor. Is it worth to buy? Basically, the system is the same like a normal PC only with a much smaller size. Although there will be some advantages for a small form factor i.e. not taking much space and easy to bring.

The downside would be the price, upgradebility, and some trade-off here in there. Especially, the price of NUC Skull Canyon or NUC Hades Canyon from Intel is more than $1000. With a really high price, if not necessary it would be better to buy a normal PC. With the same price range, you may get a better performance.

Although, a small form factor is good with a high price not everyone could afford to buy.

ASRock A300 series

ASRock A300
ASRock A300

In order to address the problem with a high price, ASRock has launched its small form factor computer DeskMini A300. ASRock DeskMini A300 supported AMD AM4 CPU, so basically you can put Ryzen APU i.e. Athlon 200GE series, Bristol Ridge, and Raven Ridge. All of those processors have an integrated Vega GPU so you don’t have to put another GPU, it will not fit on the case anyway.

ASRock A300 motherboard
ASRock A300 Motherboard

The motherboard is super small, compact, but will give everything you need to run the system. The motherboard called STX, eventhough it is small you can put 2x SSD NVMe M.2 and 2x 2,5″ HDD so you don’t have to worry about storage.

You have to keep in mind if you buy A300, you will get a barebone system (mobo, power supply, and case). So, you have to find your CPU, RAM, and storage. You may see the unboxing and testing on the video below.

If you are interested to buy, you can check Newegg or other store. I have checked Newegg and the price is $150. In my opinion, this is a great move from ASRock or AMD to make this kind of system. With this system you may build a small form factor computer for a cheap price.

Moreover, AMD APU has a big role in this system, I believe Radeon Vega is far better than Intel integrated GPU. If you just want to have a really simple system just to play esport game like Dota2, CS GO you may just put Ryzen 3 2200G for example or Ryzen 5 2400G to play a more demanding game without dedicated GPU.

Gaming era has changed

APU instead GPU

Gaming industry is keep changing, although a powerful GPU is still needed to play a more demanding game with a reasonable frame rate and high resolution. There is some space or segment in a lower or normal tier gaming industry. I personally don’t really care about the resolution, most of people prefer 1080p or even 4k but for me if I could not afford it I’m OK with 720p.

Also, mostly I will play esport type of game which doesn’t need a really high end PC. On the other word, I could just buy an APU to play games. With AMD APU, I would be fine to play games. You may check on the link here to get more information about A300.

Google Stadia

google stadia
Google Stadia

Not only changing into an APU, but cloud gaming also becomes a thing now. I have an explanation about cloud gaming on another post here. Google is developing its cloud gaming platform called Stadia. Similar to other cloud gaming platform, you can play any games on any devices.

If this project gain a succes, once again gaming industry will change. You can play any games from whatever devices you have despite of the specification. However, you need a really good and stable internet connection in order to stream the game from the cloud.


Many technologies has been developed in order to make gaming even easier. You just need to choose which one you prefer, Cloud gaming is good, but now it is still not for everyone because of the internet requirement. Gaming with only APU to keep the budget low is also good to just enter the gaming realm and play casually.

But for a more demanding games and also esport or professional gamer, a high end PC is a must. You just need to adjust your needs and pick the best option for your situation.


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