Band-Maid: A JRock Band with Maid Concept

I’m listening to music a lot, I don’t have any particular genre that I like the most, as long as the music is good and I enjoy it. That’s why I listen to almost every genre, from Kpop, Jrock, pop, metal etc. My friends have been asked me a lot why am I listening to a Kpop or anime songs, I have no spesific reason I just love to hear the music.

Last year, I listened to Dreamcatcher songs a lot. I really recommend to try to listen to their song, they deserve more attention. Dreamcatcher genre is almost similar to Jrock and anime OST, I think that is why I like their music.



Last week I stumbled upon a great Jrock band called Band-Maid. Just like the name, they have a unique maid concept. They always wear a maid uniform just like the one from the maid cafe. The maid concept is because singer/guitarist Miku Kobato, formerly an employee of a Japanese maid café, envisioned forming a band that juxtaposed the maid image with rock music..

Band-Maid formed in July 2013 with Miku Kobato as the first member, after she did internet research she found Kanami Tōno and joined as the lead guitarist. After that, Kanami Tōno recommended Akane Hirose as the drummer and Akane recommended Misa as a bassist.

They performed on 24 July 2013 for the first time with 4 members. Soon after, they decided to add one more member to be a lead vocalist. They found Saiki Atsumi through an audition.

They released their first debut mini-album Maid in Japan on January 2014. Following their first mini debut album, they released another album in August 2014 and on November 2015 they released another mini album New Beginning that succeeds to reach #64 Oricon weekly album chart.

Their Music

They already have many songs that I really love to hear, there is no scream or anything but I like their music. I’m not a music producer or has experience within music, so I can not tell the right reason to like their music. I just love to hear it.

They just released a new song called Glory in November 2018, you may find their music video on their youtube channel here. I love most of their songs, but I suggest to hear “Don’t you tell me” or “Choose me” first. I heard Choose Me accidently on youtube and I started to search another songs after.


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