Cool Talent That I Wanted to Have

Speaking about talent, everyone has different talent. The talent could be from the parents, grand parents, or family in general. Some say that we can not beat people that be born with a talent, for example I do not have talent to be a singer but I’m learning to be a singer, I would not be able to get any better from other that has a talent even though they never learn how to sing. I will share what cool talent that I wanted to have.

1. Musician


It is always cool to see someone that could sing or play any music instruments. I always wanted to learn at least how to play guitar and then piano. I attended a guitar course and made a band when I was a kid, it was fun and cool. Unfortunately I stopped the course since my friend moved to another school. I still have the guitar and I really wanted to learn about it again. For the girl, it would be nice for them if they have boyfriend that could play guitar or even piano. It is an advantage if boys could play music instruments in my opinion LoL.

2. Artist

Manga Artist

If I can draw, I will become a Mangaka (comic artist) or a graphic designer in general. The good thing about everything in digital is we can do it from anywhere as long as we have the tools (laptop, internet etc). I would like to try become a digital nomad, I can work from anywhere in the world. But seriously artist is really cool, friend of mine is good at drawing and I often ask him to make a nanime design for my t-shirt. Unfortunately I can not draw, when I was a kid I only draw 2 mountains with a sun in the middle, and a road with a rice paddy field on the side of the road (I’m sure fellow Indonesian can relate to this).

3. Athlete


Well actually I kinda have this talent. My father was a badminton athlete, I have been playing badminton with him since I was a kid. I joined a badminton club and had a training as an athlete as well. But as time goes by and I became older and busy with the school, I stopped. I would like to play badminton again, at least as a sport since sport is good anyway. Hopefully I can play badminton again soon!

So those 3 are the talent that I wanted to have, having said that does not mean that I hate myself because I do not have the above mentioned talents. You just need time to find and realize your talent! So what is your talent or talent that you wanted to have?


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