Dark Facts from Parasite Movie (2019)

First of all, some part of me doesn’t want to watch this movie. I don’t really have the guts to watch this kind of movie just because of the killing scene or something similar to that. I just have a weak heart to watch a killing scene that is too realistic. Also, my friends told me that the movie is good so I just give it a try!

The conclusion is the movie is good with a strong story that could be real at some point. I’m always impressed by Korean movie or drama, they always bring up an interesting story that may happen in the actual life. The story is brilliant because of the dark facts inside the movie, let me explain to you why!


Basically, the movie is all about a poor family that struggling to find a job and get money. They live in a basement and doesn’t even have internet data for their phone and relying on free wifi. Until one day Kim Ki-woo or Kevin got an offer from his friend a job as an English teacher and this change his family life.

The cast

Before we jump into the story let’s take a few minutes to appraise the casts in the movie! Park So-dam as Kim Ki-jeong (Jessica), finally I could see her again after so long. I watched her drama called Cinderella with Four Knights a long time ago, glad to see her here! Choi Woo-shik as Kim Ki-woo (Kevin), last time I watched him in The Divine Fury, I will write the review for this movie as well so stay tuned! Song Kang-ho as Kim Ki-taek, and Jang Hye-jin as Park Chung-sook.

Cho Yeo-jeong as Choi Yeon-gyo, I like her acting in Parasite. She fits with her role as a naive rich wife and Lee Sun-kyun as Park Dong-ik. Also, Park Seo-joon as Min-hyuk appears as a cameo.


Poor but not stupid

Alright, let’s jump into the story now! First of all, Kim’s family is poor and struggling to find a job. But, they are not stupid and could find a way or another to stay alive in a cruel world. When they see or find an opportunity they will make a clear and nice shot to get it because they are poor.

Min hyuk - parasite
Min hyuk told Ki-woo to be an English teacher

If I should blame one character in this movie that gives Kim’s family an opportunity that later leads to a huge catastrophe, I would blame Min-hyuk! It all started because he has to study abroad and give a recommendation to Choi Yeon-gyo about his friend that could teach English which is Kim Ki-woo.

After that Kim Ki-woo asked his sister to create a fake certificate so he could show that to Choi Yeon-gyo. It turned out to be easier because Min-hyuk recommended him and he got accepted as an English teacher. Seeing the pattern, Ki-woo then recommending his sister as an art therapy teacher for Choi Yeon-gyo’s son.

jessica lying to  Choi Yeon-gyo
jessica lying to Choi Yeon-gyo

Of course, everything is fake again, and Choi Yeon-gyo too naive to believe everything. They don’t stop here, they even kicked the driver and housemaid and replace them with their parents with their brilliant ideas.

So, one thing that I could learn and I think this is really good is that Choi Yeon-gyo says she only believes when her close person recommending someone to work not like looking around randomly without knowing their background. I think people tend to do this kind of thing nowadays, it’s just easier if we ask our friends and they might recommend something.

Although, what Choi Yeon-gyo did wrong is she was too naive. I mean, it is not fully her fault though. In this era, it’s just hard to judge a person in general. So, that is why it is actually a scary fact!

They are nice because they are rich

I remember this particular scene when Kim’s family drinking together in the living room seeing the beautiful garden view during the rain. So, they talked about how Park’s family is so nice that their good intention turns into bad luck for them.

Then Kim Ki-taek says “they are nice because they are rich”. This sentence was struck me and made me realize that actually it is true. Let’s say middle to upper class are usually well educated and have a good manner that sometimes makes them become naive because they have never seen the real world.

Kim's family -  parasite
Kim’s family

They don’t know how the poor live their lives to be able to survive from day to day. Therefore, rich people tend to be more naive and vulnerable outside their bubble. Just for a note, not every rich people are like this, we can’t generalize everyone here!

Karma hits hard

So now, everything seems like on Kim’s family favor. Until the previous housemaid came in and revealed a secret room and her husband inside the room for 4 years hiding. Things turned complicated after this, Kim’s family was exposed and the previous housemaid has a proof that they are actually a family.

So, the last thing that I could learn is karma hits you hard! First of all, I was born and raised in Bali and my religion is Hindu. I believe karma exists, so whatever things that you do, good or bad. You will get back the same thing soon or later.

In Parasite, Kim’s family visited by bad karma because they clearly doing something terrible and wrong. Their greed makes them crossed the line. The point is Parasite is a good movie considering they have dark facts explaining our society. Although, the ending is a bit confusing to me haha 😀


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