Darwin’s Game Anime First Impression

So today I’m just checking anime website to check if there is any new anime series to watch as usual. Then I stumbled upon anime called Darwin’s Game, I read the synopsis a bit, and when I saw about trapped in a game I clicked it right away! 😀

I was expecting like any other isekai anime when the main character transfer into another fantasy world. But, I was wrong!! When I said trapped in a game, it turned out the main character is still in the real world and the game is in the real world as well. Trapped in here means the main character can’t quit the game unless he loses the game (read: die).


The anime starts with a scary and dark chasing scene, and my oh my this anime is much more than I was expecting! Darwin’s Game reminds me of Btooom!. It has a strong killing and blood scene although they censored some parts.

Darwin's game - hamada got killed
Hamada got killed

Sudou Kaname

Sudou Kaname is the main character here, he just a normal student until one day his friend Hamada that plays Darwin’s Game got killed and he invited Kaname in hope that he could save him. However, that is too late and he got killed by Banda. Then another friend that plays the same game looking for hamada the next day in school.

Darwin's Game - Kaname
Kaname joins Darwin’s Game

Kaname says that Hamada sent him a weird link to a mobile game, and then Kaname joins the game. Since then, his life change into a possible nightmare because he has to play the game and kill the opponent in order to survive.

Every player on the game has a different ability (sigil). Basically, after the snake bites the player they will get a random sigil that will help them defeat the opponent.

First battle

After he joins the game, he accidentally plays the game without knowing the rule and how to play. The first opponent is Banda the baseball mascot that has the invisible ability (the ability called sigil). He managed to win the first match with his friend’s help.

Darwin's Game - Kaname VS Banda
Kaname VS Banda

Afterward, he encounters another player that willing to help him understand the game better. Well, of course it is not going according to plan. In the end, Kaname has to fight her to be able to survive and possibly get more information about the game.

Darwin's Game - Kaname VS Shuka
Kaname VS Shuka

So, during this fight, I can see a “normal” plot for the main character. What I mean with a normal plot is whether the main character has any overpower or unique ability to survive the game. It looks like he has some unique ability because on his profile he says “error”.

Darwin's Game - Kaname VS Shuka
Kaname VS Shuka

And so far, his ability is to create or call something that he is thinking about. For example, during the fight, he wants to have a weapon and suddenly a gun appeared on his hand. So, I think to be able to survive he will exploit this ability and make the impossible possible.

Darwin's Game - Kaname makes gun
Kaname makes gun

Also, Kaname quite calms during the bad situation and can think clearly in order to make a plan. So, I think this is also his ability, but because he is still naif maybe at some point he will learn something and become more badass.

Darwin's Game - Kaname wins against Shuka
Kaname wins against Shuka

My first impression

After watching possibly 2 episodes at a time because it was around 40 minutes, my first impression is so far so good! First of all, it has been a long time since this kind of genre appears. As I said, it reminds me of Btooom! which has a similar survival game kind of thing.

Moreover, it is not only an average ” I trapped in a fantasy game and can’t come back” of anime. I believe Darwin’s Game will show more than that, for example, the character mental, strategy and more. Because, as I saw so far on the internet (I’m not reading the manga) and from the first episode. Kaname will make a team to achieve his goal whatever it is.

The feeling is different when you watch Sword Art Online and Darwin’s Game, in SAO I can’t feel the feeling when they kill each other because it is just a fantasy game. Meanwhile, when I watch Darwin’s Game sometimes you want to close your eyes because they are all human and killing each other in a unique way 😀

I can see that there are still a lot of things that Darwin’s Game can explore. Because the player plays in the real-world and killing each other or even other people, there is a possibility that the government has some kind of agency to deal with this game.

Or maybe the government or some sort of organization makes the game as a simulation to make an army training or new kind of weapon. I’m also curious about Kaname development, I’m hoping he turns into a badass and kills his opponent without hesitation. But, I think Kaname will stay the same probably he doesn’t kill his opponent if he doesn’t have to.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the next episode! You should try to watch as well if you are looking for a substitute after SAO finish and will continue in a few months.


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