Dr. Stone Anime Review

It has been a long time since I updated my blog post. There were so many things going on for the past few months. I was preparing for the IELTS test for a couple of weeks and finally I took the test last month. Also, I had a deadline for the scholarship application on the 10th of September. Around two weeks after the test, I got the result. Unfortunately, I failed to reach the score that I needed to apply for the scholarship and school. Therefore, I decided to wait for the next application.

Alright, let’s start discussing probably one of the most epic anime this season, Dr. Stone. So, I follow few titles for this season i.e. Isekai Cheat Magician, Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou and DanMachi season 2. I will write a review of those titles in the next post.


I was quite confused when read the title, I had no idea what this anime all about because I haven’t watched any of the trailers. I watched episode 1 and after that everything is very clear to me. The title says everything on this anime just like One Punch Man.

Basically, their world used to be a normal world. Until the apocalypse came and changed everything into stone. But, interestingly not everything turned into stone, only some species of birds and humans. After several thousand years have passed, Senku woke up and returned to a human.

He is a genius and loves to solve everything with science. Therefore, He is trying to find the cure to save humanity from stone and build civilization once again.


Unexpected apocalypse

The modern civilization has crashed by an unexpected apocalypse that turned human into stone. No one knows what really happened during the apocalypse day. There was a green light from far away that made people shocked and stunned.

Dr Stone - green light
People turned to stone because of green light

Soon after the light disappeared, all humans in the world turned into stone. Interestingly, not everything turned into stone, but only humans and a certain species of birds.


Seems like Senku is the first human that returned from stone to human being after 3700 years. He tries to survive and find out how he could turn into a human being again after 3700 years. He is a genius and tries to solve everything with science and knowledge that he knows. 6 months after his resurrection, his best friend Taiju turned to human again in a cave.

After a few months have passed and many experiments, he found a cure to turn stone into a human again. He got the answer from a cave, inside the cave, there were many bats. The bat’s urine is dripping and slowly destroy the molecule of the stone, it is nitric acid. The cure is a mixture of nitric acid with alcohol called nital. In the beginning, they try to pour nital to a bird and surprisingly it works!

Dr Stone - Experiment with bird
Pouring nital to bird

So far everything is under control, Senku with his genius brain and Taiju with his strength. However, it is a wild world where the strongest will survive and the weak just get eliminated. Human is not on the top of the food chain in this world, one of the top hunters in this world is the lion.

To be able to survive, they need a stronger person to deal with the threat. Tsukasa is the strongest student at their school, however, Senku and Taiju don’t know whether resurrect Tsukasa is good choice or not because they can’t control him. In the end, they resurrected Tsukasa and Tsukasa saved them from lions.

Friend or enemy

Tsukasa is the strongest student in their school and the fact he could beat lions with an empty hand is impressive and frightening at the same time. If Senku chooses not to resurrect Tsukasa, both Senku and Taiju will die because of lions. On the other hand, Tsukasa is strong and no one can stop him if he has a bad intention.

Dr Stone - Resurrecting Tsukasa
Surrounded by lions and resurrecting Tsukasa

Anyway, Senku resurrected Tsukasa and they saved. Tsukasa says that he owns his life to Senku and will help him to survive in the wild world. However, that does not last long after Tsukasa stating that he does not like the older generation and better to not wake them up from the stone. Meanwhile, Senku is the opposite of Tsukasa, he wants to save everyone and build a civilization like it used to be.

Dr Stone - Senku VS Tsukasa
Senku VS Tsukasa

Knowing things like this could happen, Senku already prepared a plan to fight Tsukasa. So far the only antagonist is Tsukasa, this is a war between science, technology from Senku and strength from Tsukasa.


I don’t want to explain in-depth on my post because I will spoiler everyone who hasn’t watched the anime yet. I highly recommend watching Dr. Stone! The last few anime seasons were full of isekai genre anime. Some of them were good, but the rest just an average normal isekai story. I’m sure Dr. Stone will be one of the hottest anime during this season.

If you think about it, it is similar to an isekai as well only difference is on Dr. stone we are going back to a primitive time. However, the story sure really interesting and different. There is no superpower involved, only solving with science which is unique.

Dr. Stone is fun to watch, moreover, you might learn one or two things from the anime. I’m sure the knowledge or science on the anime is not just all made-up things, so we can still relate the science behind every action and explanation. Overall, Dr. Stone has a fresh and unique storyline that differentiates it from other anime. You have to watch it!!

If you have access to Crunchyroll, you can watch Dr. Stone there as well. Click on this link if you want to check. Have fun!


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