Enen no Shouboutai Review

Finally, I watch Enen no Shouboutai! I was thinking to watch this anime because I saw the post somewhere on social media and it looks good. But, it was not enough to convince me LoL. Then a few days ago my cousin told me that Enen no Shouboutai is actually good and worth to watch, and here I am writing Enen no Shouboutai review 😀


Alright, Enen no Shouboutai or Fire Force is an action anime and adaptation from its manga. The first thing came into my mind was this is just about fire force and nothing special. However, the anime actually involving supernatural power and the enemy is human that turns into a fire called Homura. Therefore, the fire forces also have various abilities related to fire i.e. creating and controlling fire.


Becoming Hero

Shinra Kusakabe is the main character in Enen no Shouboutai, since he was young he wants to become a hero to save people from Homura and protect his family. At least that was his promise to his mother before one day his mother turned into Homura and killed his brother as well.

enen no shoubouta - shinra's mother turned into homura
Shinra’s mother turned into homura

Since then, he becomes the third generation of pyrokinetic that means he could create and control the fire from his feet. After that, instead of a hero, people know him as Devil’s Footprints because he could ignite the fire from his feet and his smile is scary even though he doesn’t mean it.

To achieve his goal to become a hero, he joins special fire force number 8. Basically, there are many special fire forces and built by different organizations (church, weapon company, etc) in order to stop homura. Fire force number 8 established by the fire force agency.

Not only become a hero and save people from the threat from homura, Shinra also wants to find what is the reason behind people turning into homura and find the solution to stop it.

Investigating other special forces team

Due to the special fire force diversity, most of them have their own goal besides fighting homura. Special fire force team 5 for example, they are experimenting with homura and they don’t want to share the data that they have in order to know the reason behind this accident.

Team 8 also have their own goal besides fighting homura, that is to investigate other teams in order to find the reason behind homura and potentially find the solution. In the beginning, Shinra doubting everyone in the fire force teams, but after the leader of team 8 told them about their other goal he believes team 8.

enen no shouboutai - talking homura
talking homura

Team 8 first encounter was with team 5, this happened because there was a person turned into homura but still has a human mind and can talk. Team 8 was fighting this homura, then team 5 shows up and doesn’t want to kill the homura and do some experiment instead.

enen no shouboutai - encountering team 5
encountering team 5

Due to the lack of personnel, team 8 had to let go of the homura to team 5 but team 5 have to share their data in return. Of course, that won’t be happening! In the end, team 8 came into team 5 headquarter and made a huge fighting scene. Furthermore, Shinra beats team 5 leader and looks like she fell in love with Shinra and since then team 8 and 5 working together to reveal the reason behind homura.

Mysterious bug

After working together with team 5, they finally able to see some light on the problem. They found out that most of the homura appear at the team 1 area. In order to find more clues, Shinra and others went to team 1 as an exchange member.

enen no shouboutai - shinra beating team 1 member
Shinra beating team 1 member

In the end, they found out that one of the team 1 members distributing mysterious bug and turn kids into homura. Some members from team 1 also doing an investigation on this matter. Shinra able to beat the bad guy on this scene, and then another team 1 member appears to help him in the end.

enen no shouboutai - mysterious people
mysterious people

On this episode also appears a mysterious organization that probably the bad guy behind all the chaos with homura. So far, there are 2 groups of people that probably the reason behind homura appearing. One is the organization with the hood that spread the bug, and the other is 2 people and one of them called joker.

enen no shouboutai - mysterious hood organization
mysterious hood organization

I’m not sure if they are working together or not, what I know is joker sometimes appears to meet Shinra and tells him something that he really wants to know like giving a hint. After this mysterious hood organization appears, all of the special fire forces focusing their investigation to find a clue to reveal the organization.

My thought about the anime

Alright, I will stop the story there to avoid more spoiler 😀 here are my thought about the anime so far. It is definitely a shounen type of anime, it is really typical in my opinion. The main character encountering something bad and sad in the past, so he has a reason to do something and getting stronger.

This is exactly Enen no Shouboutai, the main character a bit overpower and he has a rival and in the end there is a bit of twist. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the anime! The story is light and normal for a shounen anime, there is some comedy especially with Shinra’s rival. I like the comedy, and there is some fan service with “ecchi” action as well.

Even though many people say the anime is really general and nothing special, I still like it. Basically, I’m just enjoying watching anime except it is a really bad anime then I will stop. But, I can accept Enen no Shouboutai. Japanese is really cool and creative in regards to anime, they make everything looks cool! They make cooking looks cool, volleyball looks cool, and now they make firefighter looks cool.

I recommend Enen no Shouboutai, it has a light story and good action. And not to mention the animation is really cool as well. I mean, nowadays all anime should have this kind of animation to be honest. The technology is getting better so we are expecting better animation as well!

I remember when I watch Code Geass, it was released in 2006 and the animation is not as good as current anime of course. But, when I watch the latest Code Geass movie, I was surprised that the animation is far better. However, it is normal and it should be like that!

Oh ya, when I write this post I only watch until episode 11 so might be after I watch another episode there will be some surprises that make Enen no Shouboutai better (but i don’t think so :D)


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