Foldable Phone: The Next Stage of Smartphone Development?

Back in when I was a kid, Nokia was still dominating the phone market. They have many shape of phones, from a normal shape, slider, flip, and N-Gage which had a unique shape. After that, Android smartphone was raising with their touch screen and big display.

Smartphone development is not moving

Since then, the smartphone development went crazy. Many brands offers their unique smartphone, from a large screen, big RAM, dual cameras or even with five cameras. However, nowadays I think the development is still the same. They just add more camera, RAM, and the last trend is a notch.

smartphone with notch
Source: Engadget

Therefore, the notch is kinda controversial, some people love it and some don’t. I currently using Nokia 6.1 with a small notch at the top and I’m fine with it. Why? I think the reason is because I get bore with all the same display and need some refreshment.

After the notch, looks like many brands are trying to erase the notch to get a real full screen. Xiaomi for example, they just launched Mi Mix 3 a slider phone with a real full screen and the front camera is underneath all you need to do is just a small slide.

foldable phone

Other brand like Oppo, they are developing another type of notch i.e waterdrop notch. Well, it is still a notch but just smaller in the middle just like a waterdrop shap

The raise of foldable phone

Seeing that smartphone development is a little bit stagnant with a little bit changes here and there makes some brands moving to the next step. Samsung for example, they have been developing a foldable phone for a few years and they showed it at the event some time ago.

Source: The Verge

Not only Samsung, but Xiaomi also developing their own foldable phone which looks the best at the moment according to many sources. On the video below you may see clearly how the foldable phone from Xiaomi looks like. Unlike another similar phone that folded into two pieces, Xiaomi makes it into three pieces.

Samsung and Xiaomi are not the only developing foldable phone, Royole, Huawei, and Lenovo reportedly developing their own foldable phone as well. It might seem ridiculous to see a big screen foldable phone now, but in the next few years when they are able to improve their prototype and make it look nice maybe the time for foldable phone is coming.


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