Game Review: Destiny Child

LINE games just launched their latest mobile collectible card game (CCG) called Destiny Child globally. Previously, the game only available in Korea.  Now, Destiny Child is available for both Android and iOS devices.


As I mentioned above, Destiny Child is a collectible card game. Mainly, it’s all about collecting as many card as possible. Of course, there are level, rarity, and classes that will differentiate the card. Player can make a team consist of 5 cards. There are many combinations available, every card has different role for example, defender, healer and attacker.

Every card has an “ultimate” skill that the player can use after the gauge is full. As usual, the player can use the auto attack feature if you too lazy to tap every time to attack.


Upgrade is available to every cards, it’s called “Awaken”. You need onyx to awaken a character, the amount would be different depends on the tier. The lowest tier is “E” and the highest is “S”, you can sacrifice other cards to get onyx as well.

The player could summon a character to get various cards from different stars. The common name is “gacha” system, you get 1 for free every day but only until 3 stars I think. If you would like to get a higher stars, you need gold or another method to open the gacha.

I could understand most of the player really hate this system because you basically need money to open the gacha often. It is free to play, but if you put some amount of money your progress will be much faster.

The Story

Well, the unique part of the game is the story and the scene. I’m not sure if this part is a common part in a CCG game or not. You might find many scenes where the main character just basically have a conversation with other characters. If you hate this kind of thing, you can always skip it, but I think this is also an interseting part of the game.


I think the graphics is also take part on the successful of Destiny Child. The graphic is really good and smooth if you choose the best quality. You can choose the normal one if you wish. Well, we have to admit that the characters design is really good and attractive. I have read on the play store that many players said the global version is the censor version. 

The global version is rate 12, which is for teenagers. Meanwhile, the original version is for 18 if I’m not wrong. So, they changed a little bit on the characters design.


Despite of the bad things about this kind of game, which is the gacha system. You can still play for free and enjoy the story meanwhile collect the cards slowly. The game offers a great graphics and nice characters design. Also, the stamina system might be frustrating sometimes because you can not always play. I will play the game a little bit more, since I have never played CCG before. You might download the game through the link below if you interested.

App StoreGoogle Play Store


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