Has Cloud Gaming Era Already Started?

Gaming industry is really big, from console, mobile, and PC gaming. As time goes by, the hardware requirement to play triple A game is really high. Not everyone can afford to buy console or upgrade their PC to the latest hardware. Cloud gaming would tackle those issues and make everyone could play triple A game without spending so much money.

What is Cloud Gaming?

So what is cloud gaming? Basically cloud gaming is an online platform where the user could play or stream the game in various devices (console, mobile, PC). The actual game is stored, executed, and rendered on the remote operator’s or game company’s server and the video results are streamed directly to a user’s computers over the internet. OnLive was the first company that launched the cloud gaming back in 2010, however on 2015 they have to close their service. Since then, many companies have done more research about cloud gaming and how to implement the system in the real world.

How Cloud Gaming Would Tackle The Issues?

I’m sure if you are a gamer you know the problem really well. I think the problem only 1, that is the hardware. We have to keep the hardware updated to be able to play the newest game in the most pleasing way. And of course it would be not cheap to buy a gaming PC or console.

Cloud Gaming Diagram

As you can see on the picture above, with cloud gaming the specification of the PC or console does not matter anymore. All of the heavy tasks will be processed on the server, and the data will be sent through the internet as a video. Furthermore, We do not have to download a big size of game and install since it is already in the cloud. Also it’s support multi devices and the most important thing is everyone could play a triple A game without spending so much money.

Challenges in Cloud Gaming

The cloud gaming technology is really fascinating, however it is not perfect. There is some challenges that needs to be addressed in order to make cloud gaming more demanding or attractive. Since it is like a video streaming, it might be impossible to use cloud gaming if you have a slow internet. Moreover there might be some lag between the controller and the game due to the data transfer and processing in the server. Instead of buy the game, we have to have a subscription and pay monthly to be able to use the cloud gaming service (CMIIW). It might be not much if you play the game a lot, however for people that do not play that much have to take this into account.


I personally think that cloud gaming is a potential solution to the issues. We do not need to buy a high specification PC to just play game. Also we can play the game on different platform (console, PC or mobile). On the other hand, we need a good speed of internet to be able to play the game smoothly. There are a lot of companies that offers cloud gaming, i.e. Google with project stream, nVidia with the GeForce Now, Microsoft with Project xCloud, Skygrid from Indonesia etc. having said that, there is still some challenges for cloud gaming. So do you think cloud gaming is the future gaming technology?


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