Idol Corner: Hello Venus ( 헬로비너스)

Finally, after a long time, I can update another Idol group again. The last group was (G)I-DLE, I still listen to their song anyway. I will introduce you guys to a girl group called Hello Venus.


Hello venus
Nara, Seoyoung, Alice, Yooyoung, Yeoreum, Lime

Hello Venus is a girl group formed by a joint venture company by Pledis entertainment and Fantagio. The group formed in 2012 and debuted on 9 May 2012 with 6 members Alice, Nara, Lime, Yooara, Yoonjo, and Yooyoung.

On July 2014, they stoped the joint venture and 2 members got contract from Pledis entertainment meanwhile, the rest under Fantagio and still promoting Hello Venus. Moreover, on October 2014 they announced the other 2 members Seoyoung and Yeoreum.

Hello Venus: Mysterious

Their 6th mini album has been released 2 years ago called Mystery of VENUS. The music is really different from their previous albums e.g. I’m Ill or Wigle Wigle. On the previous album, the EDM is strong and has fast pace and wild music. Meanwhile, in the latest album, they changed the concept into more calm and cute music.

Hello Venus: I’m Ill

The Members

I think it is a must if we talked about an idol to mention their visual. This group has a good visual, I found the group thanks to Nara because she was starring in Your Honor Drama. After I did some research, I found out that Nara is an Idol and I started to listen their song and love it!

Not only Nara, but the other members also have a good visual. Alice, Seoyoung, Yooyoung, Yeoreum, Lime. It is hard to tell which members are the best looking, in my opinion, either Alice or Yooyoung.

I get obsess really easily with something, so I did further research about the group just to check if the group involved in some shows. It turned out that they appear in Knowing Brothers in the early episode. Furthermore, Nara appeared again on the same show promoting her drama not so long ago.

Furthermore, Hello Venus is underrated in my opinion. They have a great visuals, and good voices as well. They deserve to get more attention .


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