Is Gaming Bad for You?

According to many studies or research, playing video game has some advantages i.e. problem solving skill, eye and hand coordination etc. Having said that, too much playing video games will lead to many disadvantages as well. I have been playing video games since in elementary school, my first console was Nintendo. After that Playstation, moreover my cousin bought a computer and my first PC game was Ragnarok and Counter Strike. Since then, I’m in love with video games especially online games. I will share my opinion regarding playing video games based on my experience.

Platform to Learn Language

Platform to learn language

My parents always told me to stop or reduce playing game when I was in school. You have to study more, that was the words that I always heard back then. So why does play video games will improve your language? So I have been studying English since I was in elementary school 4th grade. The problem in learning language is, you have to practice or use the language. Which was my problem as well, I could not speak to anyone in English. I played games on international server a lot, I played Dragon Nest SEA server when I was in high school for quite long time. I’m not saying your English will improve instantly, but at least you start to use the language even though not 100% perfect grammar (that is the point of learning right. If you are playing on international server, I think the best way to improve your language is by joining an international guild to make sure that you always use the language.

Improve PC or Internet Knowledge

Improve Internet knowledge

I have spent many hours into gaming, I have noticed this improvement within my colleague when I was in school. By playing games, at least you have to sign up an account, learn about the requirement of the system, download and install the game, trouble shoot if something goes wrong etc. Without knowing, you learn a lot of things at the same time. I have seen my colleague had a hard time to just sign up account in general, and installing something to their PC or laptop (especially crack version program). Furthermore, many websites that offers a crack version program, anime or movie has a complicated steps to download that they do not even know how to do it.

Faster in Solving Problems

solving problem

Well, it has been proved by studies I think. It might be true, it is just because I do not notice it within myself (maybe I just do not realize). But I think, I can filter the unnecessary information to focus on the important one. I think that will lead to solving the problem faster? Action game or MOBA, requires a fast decision making to make the best action possible.


In order to make everything balance, playing games does have a bad thing. Video games could be a really bad thing if you are a hardcore player that ignores taking a rest, food, going outside, etc. Not only psychically but also mentally. I have heard many news that people die because playing video games, or the kids imitating the action in video games that caused a serious problem (especially in Indonesia). In the end I think the parents have to ensure that their children play an appropriate video games that suitable for their age.


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