Is It Worth To Buy an Expensive Smartphone?

There are a lot of smartphone brands on the market, from the cheapest to the most expensive one. Every brand competing with each other to present the most powerful smartphone with a good camera, slim, bigger screen thin bezel, big RAM and storage etc. Given that there are a lot of high technologies inside the phone, the price also goes up. When apple just launched the iPhone Xs with $1000 price tag, meanwhile Xiaomi could sell the Pocophone F1 with $300. Now the question, is it worth to buy an expensive smartphone?

Smartphone Usage

A few years back when Nokia was still on the top, they made a simple phone just for make a phone call and SMS. After the internet came it was started to change, smartphone like Blackberry or other phone offers a chat application or comfortable internet browsing with smartphone. As time goes, all the phone started to use touch screen with a bigger screen. You can play games, check email or work, take a good pictures, or download applications.

Nowadays, everyone competing to have the latest smartphone on the market. It is happening among my big families. My cousin bought a new iPhone (which is expensive in Indonesia considering our currency), few months later another cousin bought a similar phone. They said it is a good phone, even though expensive but worth it because it is good for gaming, photo, and you can use it for a long time.

And then Samsung launched the Galaxy S 7 or 8, all my cousins changed to Samsung now. They said, this phone has a bigger screen good for gaming, good camera, water resistance etc. The point is either Samsung Galaxy S, iPhone or other brands sells their flagship with an expensive price. I’m not saying that their smartphone is bad, with the price that you will pay for sure the smartphone is great.

So for rich people that has so much money, it might be not a problem to always switch to the latest smartphone. But for person like me that has limited money and do not need a super luxury smartphone, I would rather buy affordable smartphone and use the money for anything else.


Like I said above, a lot of my families bought an expensive smartphone just because the can afford it and for the prestige for sure. I’m not saying what they are doing is bad, it is their money and their choice I have no problem. It is just strange to me, they have a smartphone that more expensive than my laptop LoL. Also what they are doing just chatting and play some games (which is cheaper smartphone does as well), then why would you buy that expensive smartphone? There are a lot brands that offers affordable smartphone with a good even almost the same spec with a flagship. I personally using Xiaomi Redmi 4X, not the best camera but I rarely take a picture anyway. As long as the phone working fine I’m ok with it, so is it worth to buy an expensive smartphone?


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