Kaguya sama wa Kokurasetai Season 2 Episode 2

Finally, I can write Kaguya sama wa Kokurasetai season 2 episode 2! And guess what? Kei is here! On the season 1 Kei asks Fujiwara to shop together, in the end Fujiwara also asks Kaguya to join. Then, season 2 episode 2 finally they can shop together.

Oh ya, I would to mention about the opening as well. It is always catchy and unique and it is really suitable for the anime itself. Big applause to Masayuki Suzuki and his team to make such a good song! I will put the Youtube video for both the opening from season 1 and season 2 below.

Opening season 1
Opening season 2

Shopping with Kei

Alright, let’s jump to the story. I still can’t get over Kei in this episode 😀 Like I said earlier, they finally have time to shopping together Kaguya, Chika, Moe, and Kei. In Episode 1, Kaguya was trying to make Shirogane tells his birthday to others but in the end, she misunderstood that Shirogane only wants to do it with her.

Kaguya sama wa kokurasetai - Shopping with Kei
Shopping with Kei

So, episode 2 Kaguya is trying to find out what kind of gift she should give to Shirogane. Kaguya has to ask Kei about this to find out the correct gift. However, it is not easy to talk with Kei as Fujiwara Duo are always stick together with her 😀

Fujiwara is close with Kei
Fujiwara is close with Kei

I always like when Kaguya turns her expression, she is so cute 😀 Moreover, her voice is also changing and personally I really like Kaguya’s and Chika’s voice in this anime. You can’t get this pleasure by only reading the manga though.

Back in the story, in the end, Kaguya has a chance to sit together with Kei and start her plan asking Kei about the present. I like it when they put a sparkling effect on Kei, she is just like a Megami, soo pure 😀

Kaguya sama wa kokurasetai - sit together with Kei
sit together with Kei

The funny thing is, Moe says that Kei is really pure so that she wants to put her in a cell and torture her 😀 Before Kaguya starts asking, she is a bit confused because she doesn’t know what to call Kei.

Then, Kei makes it clear to call just Kei and it makes Kaguya happy as this is her first time calling someone with the first name. Kaguya makes a little bit of mistake by asking Christmas present since Shirogane’s family doesn’t celebrate. Even they don’t really celebrate birthdays as well.

Kei is similar to Miyuki
Kei is similar to Miyuki

In the end, Kaguya gets no information about a good present since usually they don’t celebrate a birthday. But, Kaguya sees Kei similar to Miyuki from the posture and the way they act, and that makes her like dating Miyuki instead.

kaguya sama wa kokurasetai - Kaguya feels like dating Miyuki
Kaguya feels like dating Miyuki

To finish the day, Hayasaka asks Kaguya about the information that she gets during the shopping. Since Kaguya gets nothing precise, she only says that probably Miyuki doesn’t like an expensive gift.

Then, as usual, Hayasaka with her straightforward yet kinda dirty mind put a ribbon all over Kaguya and asks her to read the note. Basically, the gift is Kaguya itself 😀 I mean it makes sense though, if it is just the matter of feeling she is as a gift is perfect 😀

Kaguya as the gift
Kaguya as the gift

Miyuki’s birthday

Finally, Kaguya prepares a big cake, yes a BIG cake for Miyuki. If you remember, Miyuki rarely eats short cake because it is usually expensive. The funny part is to see Kaguya changes into a dumb Kaguya in this scene 😀

dumb Kaguya
dumb Kaguya

It is funny to see Kaguya’s expression, she becomes dumb because of love 😀 Anyway, in the end, she brings the cake without listening to Hayasaka’s advice. On D-day, Kaguya realizes that the cake looks like a wedding cake and starts hesitating whether or not to give it to Miyuki.

Her mind divided into two, dumb Kaguya and cold Kaguya. Basically, the dumb one says just do it because she loves Miyuki anyway and it is fine to celebrate his birthday. However, cold Kaguya with the rationality says does not make sense to celebrate it because the goal is to make Miyuki confess to her.

cold kaguya vs dumb Kaguya
cold kaguya vs dumb Kaguya

I’m very proud during this scene as Kaguya gives the cake and a gift to Miyuki. She pushes herself despite her high pride and shyness. Even though it is really straightforward and brief but it is enough, I was hoping a little bit more though because I want to see Miyuki’s expression 😀

Kaguya gives cake and present
Kaguya gives cake and present

Obviously, Miyuki is shocked by getting a cake and gift from Kaguya. He is really happy though as he is normally will not celebrate birthdays. Moreover, Kaguya writes the letter on the fan “Masen Tekken” which means working hard until breaking a stone (hopefully that’s the correct meaning).

Fujiwara doesn’t know

Here’s come the best part I think. Miyuki has a principle that he will not use anyone’s kindness or hurting anyone in order to reach his goal. He receives a gift from Kaguya that he could turn into a weapon to attack kaguya. But, he holds himself since that is against his principle.

However, before reaching the student council Kaguya talks to Fujiwara that yesterday was Miyuki’s birthday. Obviously, Fujiwara doesn’t know and Kaguya utilizes that by saying why Miyuki doesn’t say his birthday to other members but only to her.

Well, Fujiwara then asks Miyuki where did he get the gift from. Miyuki says from a friend because he doesn’ want to attack Kaguya with it. But then Fujiwara asks Miyuki if he loves Kaguya because he only tells Kaguya about his birthday.

kaguya sama wa kokurasetai - Kaguya asks Miyuki about the gift
Kaguya asks Miyuki about the gift

Miyuki shocks and thinks that he is too naive 😀 Then he attacks back by saying that Kaguya already knew his birthday from last year but why Kaguya doesn’t tell the other about it? Kaguya could not concentrate because Miyuki is using the fan 😀

In the end, Ishigami saves her because he knows Miyuki’s birthday and gives a pen as a gift. That means only Fujiwara doesn’t know Miyuki’s birthday and Kaguya could defend herself 😀

Only Fujiwara doesn't know Miyuki's birthday
Only Fujiwara doesn’t know Miyuki’s birthday

As usual, Ishigami attacks Fujiwara by his words and she runs away 😀 Alright, that’s all about Kaguya sama wa Kokurasetai season 2 episode 2 story. It was yet another fun episode for me. I can see Kei and a few different Kaguya’s expressions. I will continue to write the next episode as well!


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