Re-watch Series: Kakumeiki no Valvrave

First of all, I hope everyone is safe during this pandemic. I know it is might be hard to just stay at home, but we have to do it to stop the virus from spreading even more. In order to help you guys stay at home, I decided to make a re-watch series especially for anime series that already finished in the past. I hope that you guys can get a bit of entertainment during this situation.

The first series that I would like to talk is called kakumeiki no Valvrave. It was aired back in 2013 with a total of 24 episodes. I think everyone knows this series especially if you like mecha genre. When Gundam series was so scarce, kakumeiki no valvrave came like an oasis.

I really recommend to watch this series if you have not, and if you have watched, it is good to watch and lost into the anime world once again 😀


In short, kakumeiki no valvrave is all about a group of students trying to survive a military attack by declaring their independent as a country. Furthermore, they are going deep into the world secret and have to unveil the truth in order to survive.

Vavlvrave is a robot they are using to battle with the military. Actually, it is more than just robot because the technology is so advanced and full with a secret and mystery that is why all country want to get the robot.


Disaster in school

There are three countries in the story, Dorssia, ARUS, and JIOR. Both Dorsia and Arus are enemies and always battling each other. Meanwhile, JIOR is a small country that tries to be neutral. The story is started with a school in JIOR that actually not a normal school and hides something without other countries knowing. In order to find it, Dorssia sends their spies to check and get their weapon if any.

usual day in school
usual day in school

The main character Haruto Tokishima is a normal student who does not like conflict. However, his normal day in school soon to be a disaster and changes his life forever. Dorssia sends their spy to infiltrate to module 77 where Haruto and his friends stay. Leads by L-Elf, 5 spies from Dorssia successfully go inside module 77.

A little bit of explanation, L-Elf has a nickname called “one-man army” as he could defeat a full army with himself in the past. Their goal is to find the secret weapon called VALVRAVE and bring it to Dorssia.

Mysterious weapon

L-Elf and his friends found VALVRAVE and soon Dorssian armies launch their attack with their robots. As a student, Haruto shocks seeing a battle in front of his eyes and then Shoko Sashinami got shot and possibly die. Haruto then goes to VALVRAVE and tries to use it, but before he can use it he has to stop being a human being.

kakumeiki no valvrave - VALVRAVE
stop being human to use VALVRAVE

Without knowing the consequences, Haruto chooses yes and something injected into his neck. He can use VALVRAVE and defeat Dorssian armies, also he becomes famous because of the advanced technology and a genius hacker named Akira that shares the live battle. The result is many people are supporting them either ARUS or JIOR.


However, he has to pay the power with a curse which is become a monster or maybe a vampire in this case. Haruto became immortal because of VALVRAVE and has an ability to change into someone else’s body if he bites them. L-Elf without a doubt killed Haruto but in the end, Haruto bites L-Elf, and they exchanging their body. Haruto uses L-Elf body to fight his friends and L-Elf became a traitor that makes him can not go back to Dorssia.

Module 77 declares their independence

Several battles have passed and ARUS tries to help them, but their true goal is only to get the VALVRAVE so they can win against Dorrsia. Fed up with all the lies, Shoko leads the students to declare their independence as a country and heading towards the neutral base in the moon.

JIOR free
JIOR declares their independence

Obviously, Dorssian will not let them arrive on the moon as they can not attack a neutral base. They attack module 77 from time to time, and the students started to be afraid and stress because most of them do not know what to do during a war.

As Dorssian regularly attacks, Haruto can not keep up alone, in the end, there are 4 more VALVRAVEs with their unique weapons. Season 1 with 12 episodes is until they arrive on the moon. But, that is not the end of the series as there is so much more to be discovered.

There are still many mysteries that need to be found. Season 2 will be an important one as they are trying to find out more about VALVRAVE and unveiling world conspiracy. To be honest, I really like kakumeiki no valvrave because of the main character is hiding his power and suffers because of it.

There is also a complicated love story between the characters that I believe you guys would love to see. Hopefully, this would help to explain how good is the anime and some of you decide to give it a try!


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