Kami no Tou (Tower of God) Episode 1-3 Review

Boy oh boy, who would have thought one of my favorite manhwas got an anime adaptation! A quick introduction for those who do not know, Tower of God is a popular manwha (comics in Korea) in webtoon. I have been following the story in webtoon since I’m in university. A few years ago, Noblesse also got an anime adaptation, but it was more like a movie based on a fraction of the story.

It would be an amazing anime, trust me! I will not explain why as I might spoil the story and it will ruin your experience. All I can say is Tower of God is such a player, based on my experience it plays with your feelings and heart. You can really hate on a particular character or annoy by some character’s attitude.


In short, the Tower of God is a story about a tower that everyone wants to climb either to find money, power, or anything. However, to be able to climb the tower it is necessary to finish a particular test that will be different on every floor. The main character is Bam or Yoru, and his goal is to find Rachel that climbs the tower to see stars. At least that is the first goal, as time goes the goal becomes broad and more complicated.


First test

Alright, so far the story between webtoon and anime version is similar (if I’m not wrong). It has been quite a while since I read the first episode of the webtoon but I think it is similar. As I explained before, if anyone wants to enter and climb the tower they have to pass a particular test.

The first test to enter the the tower might vary depending on Headon decision. Headon is kind of the guardian in the tower that will challenge people if they want to enter the tower. You will be hearing “irregular” and “regular” term a lot, irregular is a person that not bound by any rules inside the tower, while regular means they are following the rules.

By rules means, irregular could open the gate to the tower by their own will instead of waiting for Headon to summons when they are worth it. Furthermore, on every floor, everyone must form a contract with the floor administrator in order to use shinsu (like chakra in Naruto), but irregular does not need to do it and they can still use shinsu.

tower of god - first test
first test

Seems like Yoru gets a hard test, he has to destroy a ball with a monster inside the cage. Obviously, he will die immediately because he is so weak. Fortunately, somehow Yuri (princess jahad) was there and lend him black march (one of the 13 jahad’s weapons). However, even with a powerful weapon, he could not use it properly, therefore he can not destroy the ball.

tower of god - yuri & yoru
yuri gives black march to yoru

Yuri’s navigators then told him to speak to black march and ask for help by giving some power. Surprisingly, black march responded to Yoru even though she does not respons to Yuri. Finally, after black march gave her power Yoru able to destroy the ball and moves to another floor.

tower of god - black march
black march

I watched the first episode and I think graphic design has similarities to the webtoon version. It is a bit strange for me, but after a while it is fine. The opening is also quite good and energetic, Stray Kids actually sing the song. I’m not sure if this is the Stray Kids Kpop group or not, but maybe yes. I can see that they are putting a huge effort to make this popular manwha into an anime so that the fans not be disappointed.

Next floor

Tower of god - next floor
next floor

Moving on to the next floor where there are 400 hundred regular killing each other until only 200 regular left. Obviously, Yoru could have instantly dead in this test but since he is the main character its unlikely to happen 😀 Yoru meets his first 2 teammates in this test, Khun and Rak.

tower of god - yoru, khun, rak
yoru, khun, rak

During this test, not only explaining about Yoru but also Rak and Khun. Basically, Khun is looking for a teammate to climb the tower. But, not just a teammate, he is looking for a teammate that not doing everything they have told to do or lives following the rules made by others.

Yoru is a clear choice for him since Yoru just want to meet Rachel and does not care about the test or killing others. I believe Rak is also similar, he just want to “hunt” a strong “kame” (turtle) whenever he wants :D. Long story short, they are forming a team of three people in order to continue to the next stage.

tower of god - shibisu meets anaak and hatz
shibisu meets anaak and hatz

This is second episode, and I can see more color started to appear. There are more characters and more possibility to pull some kind of plot. Shibisu for example, he is a genius but weak and his presence gives some sort of comedy into the anime.

Shinsu test

In order to lower the regular number, Lero Ro appears to make another test. As I explained previously, in the tower everyone needs to use shinsu the higher you go the stronger the shinsu is. Lero Ro makes a shinsu test, anyone that could pass through a shinsu wall could go to the next test.

shinsu wall
shinsu wall

Things started to get more excited in this episode as Yoru does not affected by the shinsu wall. Everyone pushed back by the shinsu but Yoru does not even move from his place. Until this point, Yoru does not have any idea that he is different from the others, but Khun and Lero Ro soon realize that he is different.

door test
door test

Khun and Rak do not have any problem passing the shinsu wall. The next test I would say explaining about Khun background the most. He has a bad memory about his past and after that he does not believe anyone. During the Door test, Hansung yu decided to deploy a spy that tells the regular a hint about the test.

Considering Khun experience in the past, he does not want to believe the hint and thinking hard to find the solution in order to continue to the next test. Fortunately, Rak just opens a random door and make them pass the test. Smelling something fishy, Khun asks Hansung Yu about the reason behind the test.

rak opens random door
rak opens random door

Hansung Yu explains that the world will not always wait for you to make a move, sometimes you have to do an action immediately that is why it is important to have a team like that. I can see the problem with Khun, firstly he does not believe anyone at this point. Secondly, he is smart so he uses his brain to think hard to solve any problems, but sometimes you just need to let it go.


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