Kami no Tou (Tower of God) Episode 4 Review

It’s time for another Kami no Tou story! Even though I already read the webtoon series and knew the story, I have to watch the anime version as well! I am a bit late on watching the series, but here is my thought on Kami no Tou episode 4.

I already wrote an introduction and episode 1-3 of Kami no Tou on my previous post. It is best to read that post first if you have no idea about Kami no Tou, you can check it here

Crown game

Alright let’s jump into the story! on the last episode (episode 3) all the regular were offered a bonus test called crown game. Basically, whichever team pass the test will continue to the next floor and for those whose not pass have to attend another test. There is no disadvantages joining this test, all the teams could choose whether they join or not.

Kami no tou - anaak jahad
Anaak Jahad

The rule is simple, whoever could get a crown and sit on the throne until the end of the game could continue to the next floor. Within all the teams, there are a few teams that have a high chance to win the game such as Yoru’s team, Anaak’s team, and there is another team from a different test regional.

The unknown team is really suspicious as only three of them survived. Basically, three of them killed all the regulars on the test. Based on the appearance, one of them is Rachel, I know the other girl because I am following the webtoon, but I will keep it for know haha.

Anaak Jahad

As expected, Anaak Jahad without hesitation joins the first round of the crown game and gets the crown without an issue. I would say episode 4 is to shows Anaak power and a little bit of her background. Shibisu surprisingly good enough to fight, even though he is only facing a normal person just like him 😀

kami no tou - shibisu fighting
funny moment when shibisu fights

Hatz obviously the second strongest member after Anaak with his two swords technique. He is a good guy that believes in his friends ability, even though Shibisu has a weird appearance and does not look so strong. Well, Hatz eventually saved Shibisu when he is in a bad situation.

Shibisu x hatz
Shibisu x hatz

Anaak eventually shows her “Green April” power which is one of the 13 Jahad’s weapons because the sleepy head guy attacks her with shinsu. After the activation of green April, the black march that Yuri lends to Yoru is reacting. Feels the reaction, Anaak then unconsciously leaves the throne to Yoru’s place and asks him to give the black march.

kami no tou - Anaak uses green april
Anaak uses green april

Betting the black march

Yoru does not want to give the black march as he borrows it from Yuri and has to return it at some point. Then, like it or not he has to accept Anaak offers. Yoru has to wins the crown game in order to keep the black march and get the green april, if Yoru loses the game back march will be transferred to Anaak.

kami no tou - anaak x yoru
Anaak x Yoru

Finally, Yoru’s team join the crown game in order to keep the black march. Khun is dominating the first game with his secret bag. Also, he shows his cunning side which I kinda like as well :D. As expected from the 10 families descendant!

fake crown
fake crown

Basically, he gets the crown but instead wearing the crown he makes a duplicate of the crown with his bag and throws it to everyone and asks them to fight haha. Obviously, all of them are fighting each other until he shows the real crown!


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