Kami no Tou (Tower of God) Episode 5 Review

Kami no Tou time! You may check previous episodes review from episode 1-3 on this link and episode 4 on this link. I would love to hear your opinion and feedback on my posts, I started to create a review by episode and one final review after the anime finish or if I drop the anime. I will give my thought and reasons why the anime is worth watching or why I stop.

Crown Game part II

Let’s continue the story, so on episode 4 they just started the crown game and Anaak Jahad challenges Yoru in order to get the black march. In episode 5, Khun continues showing his genius or maybe cunning side. Basically, during the survival game, he saved 3 people and stored them in his bag.

That is why during the door game, Hansung Yu says he brings a heavy bag. Afraid to be caught, Khun then released them and told them the situation. During round 4, Khun ties his bandana as a signal to them to join the round and help Khun.

Kami no Tou - Khun ties his bandana as a signal
Khun ties his bandana as a signal

Round 4 ends quite fast considering Khun’s friend is strong enough fighting with other regulars, even Khun just relax near Yoru, while Rak confuses and just want to fight as usual 😀

Last round

Kami no Tou - Rachel's team join last round
Rachel’s team join last round

The last round would be the climax as Rachel’s team join as well. However, there is one girl with a black outfit that strong enough to defeat most of the regular. Not sure what is her purpose, she just randomly attacks everyone. Surprisingly, Rachel’s team is helping Yoru in this round.

Kami no tou - Rachel's team is protecting Yoru
Rachel’s team is protecting Yoru

First of all, it is quite surprising that Rachel’s team is protecting Yoru in this round. In the previous episode, one of her teammates ask if she can kill everyone, and Rachel clearly says yes. Secondly, I’m curious how can Rachel pass the Headon’s test as Headon says she is not the right one.

So this girl with a black outfit in the end successfully passes Rak and Yoru right in front of her, I mean Yoru can not do anything at this point because he is weak. But, she attacks Rachel instead of Yoru as she knows that Yoru is looking for Rachel.

Rachel got hit
Rachel got hit

Obviously, Rachel is weak as well and can not dodge the attacks. Yoru is still really kind and naive here, he jumps from the throne in order to protect Rachel even though he can not do anything. In the end, either with his power or black march Yoru manages to protect himself and Rachel with a powerful shinsu.

Yoru's shinsu
Yoru’s shinsu

However, he loses control of his power, and then the black march calm him down. That is the last round of the crown game, no one wins the game and Yoru has to give black march to Anaak. In the end, Lero Ro talks to Hansung Yu about the purpose of the crown game. Hansung Yu says to find and eliminate anyone that could be a threat to the tower instead of finding anyone that capable to climb the tower.

Lero Ro
Lero Ro

It is rather a weird answer considering he is the test administrator, I think Lero Ro realizes something after this.


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