Kami no Tou (Tower of God) Episode 6

Alright, this is Kami no Tou episode 6, if you miss the previous post you may check on the here for the episode 1-3, go here to see episode 4, and last but not least episode 5 here.

In the last episode about the crown game no one wins the game and Yoru injured due to the attack from the black suit with a mask girl. In the episode 6, all the regulars are given 3 days time to take a rest before continuing to the next test.

Anaak get the black march

During the crown game, no one wins and continues to the next floor, however, Yoru loses the black march as he did not win the crown game. Anaak successfully gets the black march. Even though she has the black march now, she can not use or activates it since black march not listening to a girl.

kami no tou - Shibisu attacks by black march
Shibisu attacks by black march

Well, at least Anaak tries with a guy (Shibisu :D) but black march violently attacks Shibisu just because he is not handsome enough 😀 It is saved to say that Anaak will not be able to use black march properly as a strong weapon. Yuri is also having a hard time to show the true power of the black march.


Yoru awakes after five days in bed, and fortunately, the trainer that supposed to be coming for a wave controller has been delayed for a day. In this case, Yoru is saved and could join the wave controller training.

Basically, there are five basic positions in a team such as a fisherman (close combat), spear bearer (long-ranged combat), light bearer (supporting with delivering information), scout (watching the enemy movement, and helping fisherman), wave controller (helping with shinsu).

Rak is a spear bearer, Yoru is a wave controller, Khun is a light bearer. As a wave controller, Yoru has to make a contract with the floor administrator in order to use shinsu. Usually, the floor administrator is a giant monster. There is something odd that happens when Yoru tries to make a contract.

kami no tou - floor administrator
floor administrator

The floor administrator says it is not a contract but a bond for him, not sure what is the meaning of that sentence. Yoru quickly could make a shinsu ball compared to others, while Rak seems like having a little bit of a hard time in the training.

Rak having a problem
Rak having a problem

Oh ya, Yoru gets a new outfit in this episode and looks cooler though 😀 It is like the outfit of Asta’s team in Black Clover anime.

new outfit
new outfit

The truth about Anaak

I think this is the highlight of the episode. During the lunchtime, Anaak says to everyone that Endorsi is actually a princess of Jahad as well. Yes, Endorsi is the girl with the high heels in the previous episode.

Endorsi Jahad
Endorsi Jahad

Moreover, during a training Annak attacks Endorsi, and they fighting each other while talking. Meanwhile, they are fighting, on a separate place Khun is looking for information and finds out that Anaak is actually a ranker and already dead.

Anaak VS Endorsi
Anaak VS Endorsi

Back to Endorsi VS Anaak, Endorsi actually already knew about the truth. The truth is, Anaak actually already dead and indeed she is a ranker a Jahad’s princess. As a Jahad’s princess, they can not fall in love and Anaak infringes this rule and gets married.

truth about Anaak
truth about Anaak

Furthermore, looks like others Jahad’s princess punished her because of breaking the rule. So, current Anaak is actually not the real Anaak as she is dead, current Anaak is Anaak’s daughter (wow this is complicated to write :D). Anaak goal is to get revenge on every Jahad’s princess because of killing her mother.


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