Kami no Tou (Tower of God) Episode 7

Kami no Tou time! Alright, we are in episode 7 at the moment and the story is getting more interesting and I can see a few characters that have a bad intention in this episode. Without further do, let’s jump into the story!

Display shoes

In episode 6, Endorsi is fighting Anaak in the training session. Episode 7 starts with their fighting scene, not only fighting but they are also changing stories about Anaak’s mother which is the real Anaak.

kami no tou - display shoes
display shoes like jahad’s princess

You might have known, Princess Jahad is not allowed to fall in love and have children because they can transfer Jahad’s ability to their children. Therefore, Jahad’s princess often called display shoes as no one can wear the fancy shoes.

Based on their conversation, real Anaak helps Endorsi a lot in the past. Then Endorsi asks if the real Anaak ever regrets her decision, Anaak (the daughter) believes her mother never regret her decision.

kami no tou - Anaak and Endorsi fell
Anaak and Endorsi fell

In the end, both of them are injured during the training because they fell from the training platform. Endorsi should change her high heels in order to fight properly and safely though 😀

Shinsu training

kami no tou - yoru trains shinsu
Yoru getting better controlling sinsu

Meanwhile, Yoru is getting better at controlling shinsu. He has a gift in controlling shinsu that’s why he learns controlling shinsu really fast compared to others. However, there is one person that seems like jealous of Yoru’s ability.

I think his name is Hoh, the guy with a red horn on his head. He gets quite a lot of scenes even from the previous episode. Firstly, during the making contract on episode 6 he pretends to be strong while the truth is he is weaker than Yoru but saying Yoru is weaker instead.

kami no tou - hoh is jealous
hoh is jealous

Then, in this episode he seems surprised seeing Yoru is controlling shinsu better than him. Moreover, he started questioning who Yoru is to Laure. In these circumstances, I think Laure already aware that Hoh is jealous of Yoru.

kami no tou- hoh gets a letter
Hoh gets a letter

Moreover, Hoh got a suspicious letter, and his reaction when reading the letter is a bit strange. This might have a connection for the next test, maybe he gets a bad plan for Yoru on the letter from someone else. I am following the webtoon, but this story is just too far that I can’t remember it anymore. Now that I watched the anime, the memory comes back a little bit though 😀

Pursuit test

Then, another test started. Basically, all of the regulars are divided into two teams and one person from each team will be the target. One from the tester is also joining as a third target. The game would be one team VS the tester at a time. The goal is to get the target before reaching the end goal.

Khun also a bit worry about Hoh because he is in the same team as Yoru, Khun is on another team by the way. In this case, there is a high chance that Khun’s team could win against the ranked with his brilliant plan. However, Yoru’s team looks like having a problem based on the team members’ skills.

Oh ya, by the way both of Jahad’s Princes look like blending with the other really well after Shibisu, Hatz, and Yoru gave them food in order to help Sihibisu and Hatz with the finding friends quest.

Helping Endorsi
Helping Endorsi

On the other hand, Rachel does not want to blend with the other because she does not want to meet Yoru. At one point, Endorsi talks to Rachel and tells her that Yoru is quite sweet and Endorsi ends the conversation with a strong word. She says whatever Rachel’s goal hopefully it is more precious than Yoru.

Rachel and Endorsi
Rachel and Endorsi

Actually I know what is her goal, but it is really far to find that I guess. Even now, I kinda feel that her goal is not exactly what I thought. Anyway, what I know about her is her personality and character. You will find those out soon in the next few episodes I think!

Quant as the tester

Alright, come back to the test the tester which is ranker is actually has a bad personality. He can’t really control his emotion 😀 Episode 7 ends when the test just started and will continue to the next episode!


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