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OCN did it again!! After a huge success with their horror genre Kdrama The Guest, they are continuing the good momentum to introduce another horror genre Kdrama called Possessed. I really like what they did with The Guest, so I have a high expectation with Possessed!


Possessed is a horror, supernatural, thriller Kdrama. The story focusing on finding a serial killer, not just an ordinary serial killer but a killer from the past. 20 years ago there was a serial killer and got a death sentence as a punishment.

Furthermore, a killer at the present time really obsess about him and copy his way to kill the victim. Therefore, he did a spirit summoning ritual to summon the killer from the past and use his body to live once again.

On the other hand, a detective and a shop owner have a complicated relationship. But they could see a ghost or spirit and use their ability to solve criminal cases. The detective is working on the serial killer case until he realizes that the way the killer kill the victim is the same as cases 20 years ago.

The Cast

The cast
The cast

From the cast I only Go Joon-hee as Hong Seo-jung, first I saw her on a variety show We Got Married season 4. I never seen her on a drama before that’s why I thought she is only a model. So far I like her acting and I think she is suitable with her role on Possessed

Also, I know Lee Won-jong as Detective Squad Chief Yoo from The Guest. His role was an exorcist on The Guest. The other main casts are Song Sae-byeok as detective Kang Pil-sung, Yeon Jung-hoon as Oh Soo-hyeok, and Jo Han-sun as Sun Yang-woo.

Jo Han-sun plays the role of the 2nd serial killer after Won Hyun-joon as Hwang Dae-doo from 20 years ago. In general, I like the casts, however, the first time I wish Kang Pil-sung role plays by someone else. But, after a few episodes, I think Song Sae-byeok is suitable for the role.


It starts 20 years ago

As I stated above, the story starts 20 years ago with a serial killer named
Hwang Dae-doo. He is a complete psychopath that killed mainly woman with his signature way, he always put a mirror after kills his victim. Finally, after a long time chasing him, detective Kim Nak-chun arrested him. Soon after, he got a death sentence and executed.

Hwang Dae-doo
Hwang Dae-doo

After 20 years, Sun Yang-woo a doctor appears and killing people just like Hwang Dae-doo did 20 years ago. He is obsess with Hwang Dae-doo and admires him. He even has Hwang Dae-doo ash and keep it.

Sun Yang-woo
Sun Yang-woo

Meanwhile, detective Kang Pil-sung is in charge to find the serial killer. Not only crime or supernatural but Possessed also has a comedy and romance part. Kang Pil-sung then meets with Hong Seo-jung which has supernatural power and can see someone soul.

Kang Pil-sung does not believe that kind of thing until she spoke about his past related to his mother. After that, they are getting closer and Kang Pil-sung asks her to show more her power. She opens his inner eye or six sense so he could see a spirit.

first mission
First mission

Furthermore, Kang Pil-sung asks her help to find a clue about a case. Since then, Kang Pil-sung can see a ghost because he has a strong spiritual power.

Summoning ritual

Not like The Guest, Possessed shows you who is the culprit which is a little bit strange for me. Because if you already knew the culprit the story will be short because the detective only needs an evidence and it’s all over.


On the second episode, you will see Sun Yang-woo meets a shaman that somehow has a relationship with Hong Seo-jung. The purpose is to ask her to summons Hong Dae-doo with his ash. At the first time, she refuses and attacks him with a spirit instead.

Spirit attacking Sun Yang-woo
Spirit attacking Sun Yang-woo

The shaman said that the spirit is the strongest or similar like that on the mountain. However, turned out that Sun Yang-woo defeats it easily, I think it was way too easy and does not need this scene, to be honest. In the end the shaman does what Sun Yang-woo were asking and summons Hwang Dae-doo spirit.

summoning ritual
Hwang Dae-doo summoning ritual

After the shaman has successfully summoned Hwang Dae-doo spirit and use her body, Sun Yang-woo asks him to use his body after take the shaman power and kill her. In the end, Hwang Dae-doo gets the shaman power and use Sun Yang-woo body.

Hwang Dae-doo absorbes shaman spirit
Hwang Dae-doo absorbes shaman spirit

After Hwang Dae-doo uses his body, the story was not like what Sun Yang-woo planning. Hwang Dae-doo also eats his spirit and use his body however he likes.

First encounter

After several similar cases, Kang Pil-sung finally realized that all the cases are similar to what Hwang Dae-doo did 20 years ago and have a similar pattern. However, the inspection is getting harder because Sun Yang-woo is a doctor at a huge hospital and Kang Pil-sung doesn’t have concrete evidence.

Possessed - Sun Yang-woo arrested
Kang Pil-sung arrested Sun Yang-woo

Kang Pil-sung then arrested Sun Yang-woo after he sees his soul or Hwang Dae-doo soul to be exact. However, without concrete evidence, the police will not be able to arrest Sun Yang-woo and unfortunately Kang Pil-sung would not be able to find any evidence.

Due to his failure, he does not allow to investigate the case anymore. However, he is just a stubborn and bad ass detective so he keeps investigate Sun Yang-woo. Finally, he found a solid evidence that Sun Yang-woo is the culprit after he got a call from a woman that sleeps with Sun Yang-woo.

possessed - Kang Pil-sung almost get kill
Kang Pil-sung almost get kill

Until this point, I did not really know what to expect because this is just like the last scene. And that was the last scene for Sun Yang-woo, he got killed by the police! So, he kidnapped the woman and went to his old house/warehouse and it is almost the same scene as the first episode.

Sun Yang-woo got killed

At this point, Kang Pil-sung almost get kill by Sun Yang-woo meanwhile protecting the woman. However, Sun Yang-woo did not kill him and did not run away as well. Then I realized other option, Hwang Dae-doo spirit could move to another body.

Second chapter started

Possessed - moves to Oh Soo-hyeok body
moves to Oh Soo-hyeok body

And that’s is correct, after leaving Sun Yang-woo dead body, Hwang Dae-doo spirit moves to another body. He moves to Oh Soo-hyeok body which is a boy from a rich family. I would say this is the real story, it would be not as easy as the previous case with Sun Yang-woo.

The fact that Oh Soo-hyeok is from a rich family will make it harder for sure, and also Kang Pil-sung does not aware of this. I would say there will be another similar case and he will realize that something is wrong with this. It is not only a copy cat case but Hwang Dae-doo itself.


So, I have this rule, if whatever Kdrama within the first 3 or 4 episodes could attract my interest there is a possibility that the drama is good. I personally prefer supernatural genre instead of normal story. That’s why I like The Guest, and also Possessed.

I really recommend to watch possessed, not like The Guest that has more horror scene or story Possessed is focusing on solving the criminal case. I guess in the end there would be something to defeat Hwang Dae-doo spirit, but so far, I enjoy it.

During the first 4 episodes, I did not really see Hong Seo-jung part. But, I think after episode 4 there will be many scene of her to help solving the case with Kang Pil-sung. She could be the key on how to defeat Hwang Dae-doo spirit because she has a relationship with the shaman I guess.

Please let me know if you have any Kdrama recommendation, I would be happy to watch and write a review about it!


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