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After reviewing Kimetsu no Yaiba, I will continue reviewing some of my favorite anime for this season. The next one is Kenja no Mago, a fantasy, magic, and probably isekai as well. According to Wikipedia, Kenja no Mago starts with a light novel by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka in 2015 and now Silver Link is producing the anime.


The anime is focusing on Shin Walford, he is a grandchild of a great magician Merlin Walford and Melinda Bowen. Merlin and Melinda are a powerful magician that saved a kingdom from a demon, therefore, the king and all of the people really respect them.

Shin is not a real grandchild of Merlin and Melinda, Merlin found Shin as a baby in a forest and his family murdered by a demon. Moreover, Shin remembers his past life which is shown on the first few minutes on the first episode. He was in Japan as a normal worker and dies because of an accident.

The Story

The story starts when Merlin found a baby in the forest and all of his family murdered by a demon. Merlin took the baby and teach him about magic but, Merlin have not taught Shin about common things in life.

Powerful magic

After a few years teaching magic to Shin, turn out that Shin has a really powerful magic ability. Learning from the most powerful magician Merlin and Melinda, Shin learns many things related to magic. Also, he learns martial art from a former knight.

Kenja no Mago-powerful magic
Powerful magic

Shin continue shows a great skill by developing his own magic and ability. By the age of 10, he could kill a demon bear with his original magic. From episode 1, you can see clearly that Shin is really overpowered and he surpasses Merlin and Melinda expectation.

The first 2 episodes mainly shows how powerful is Shin with his original magic. Also, explaining a little bit about Merlin and Melinda past and another supporting characters i.e. The King that always comes to his house and his guards.

Kenja no Mago-original magic
Original magic

Moreover, because Merlin always teaches Shin about magic, he forgot to teach Shin about common or basic things in life. Therefore, after Shin turned 15 The King suggested to go to a magic school and learn about basic things. And the most important thing is, to see that he has a special ability compared to normal people.

Magic school

Things getting more interesting here, Shin just moved to town and starts his school life. Basically, he does not know anything about social life, or even common things. And of course, he gets trouble during his test to get accepted to the school. The first problem is with Kurt von Ritzburg, he is from a noble family and has a bad attitude.

Kenja no Mago-Kurt von Ritzburg
Problem with Kurt von Ritzburg

Well, of course Shin does not know who is Kurt, He does not even know the king. Shin’s character is really innocent because he truly does not understand anything, however it looks like a bit arrogant from other point of view. I do like character like Shin, very overpowered and stupid at the same time.

Also, a unique thing about anime is the character’s name. They always use a difficult western name for the characters especially in anime like this. Kurt will be his first opponent because he does not like Shin that has powerful magic and the fact that he is Merlin grandchild.

Sicily von Claude
Sicily von Claude

We are talking about a powerful character and his school life, and of course there will be a heroine. Sicily von Claude is the first female character that appears, actually with Maria von Messina but Sicily is more attracted to Shin. Probably, there is a possibility to make a harem king in here 😀

School test

Well, to be accepted in the school everyone has to pass the test. This part of the episode is quite funny, Shin just realized how normal people are using their magic. Basically, the other has to say something like a spell to use their magic. And the spell is quite weird for Shin because he does not have to say any of spells.

funny moment
funny moment

Not only the spell but the power also really different from Shin. The other students probably use their full power but it was still too low for Shin. When Shin has to use his magic, the teacher says to reduce his power. However, his lowest power still too powerful and destroy everything and make everyone shocked.

Everyone shocked
Everyone shocked

Well, his power is way more than normal students, but I have not seen The Prince and other students that got to the S class. Little by little Shin realized the different from the other students.


So, it is time to show a little bit of action and Shin’s power. Kurt really hates Shin and his anger makes him turned into a demon. Not by himself, but because his former teacher is a demon and uses him as an experiment.

kurt turned into human demon
Kurt turned into human demon

First of all, Shin is really overpowered character, no matter what he will win the battle. He wins the battle easily against the second human demon in the kingdom. The first is defeated by Merlin and Melinda in the past, and the second is Kurt which was defeated by Shin.

Kurt defeated
Kurt defeated

From here Shin exposed to in the kingdom because he defeated human demon by himself which is an amazing achievement. Not only defeating the human demon, on the episode 4 Shin encountered the real human demon that turned Kurt into a demon.

Shin easily wins the battler again with his amazing super magic skill. However, the demon could escape in the last minute with a great wound. Therefore, the military in the kingdom that saw his magic was showing an interesting sing with his ability.

The king and Merlin always mentioning this during the first episode, Merlin does not want the military to take advantage of Shin’s ability and use it in war. Probably, besides the demon, the military would be another problem as well in this anime.


I have watched many anime with isekai genre, the basic rule about isekai is either reincarnated into another world or got summoned by someone into another world. The second is, either the main character is powerful or not in the new world. Basically, those are the rule in isekai genre.

What about Kenja no Mago? I would say it is really basic isekai, and it turned into a magic school kind of things. Because the story is really basic isekai, it looks like a basic anime and you can tell the plot. There is no originality in the anime because it is really basic.

If you watch Tate no Yuusha for example, it is the same isekai genre but you can feel the difference between them. I would say Tate no Yuusha has more depth in the story compare to Kenja no Mago.

I’m not saying Kenja no Mago is a bad anime, I’m enjoying watching the anime. It is an OK anime to watch during your free time, no need to think seriously about the plot and just enjoy the anime and the fan service. Overall, I would give 7/10, basic isekai with a good comedy story and has good art.


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