Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) Review

Spring is coming and that means new anime series are coming as well! Last season I did not follow many anime series, mainly Tate no Yuusha, Dororo, and slime. What about this season? well, I’m trying a few anime series and I think some of them are good to watch and of course, Kimetsu no Yaiba or Demon Slayer is one of my recommendations!


Kimestu no Yaiba is all about Oni (demon) and an organization that hunts Oni. Demons and the demon slayer is a myth and been told from time to time at the village where Tanjirou lives. Legend says every night demons are hunting human and eat them. Meanwhile, demon slayer hunts demons to stop them eat human.

One day after his trip to the village, Tanjirou found his family killed. His mother and siblings died and Nezuko one his siblings turned into Oni. Without knowing Nezuko has turned into Oni, he tried to save her life and bring her to the village.

However, after sometimes Nezuko awakened and attacked Tanjirou. After saw the reality, Tanjirou is still trying to save Nezuko and turn her back to human. On the other hand, he met the demon slayer that supposed to kill the demon that attacks his family and now trying to kill Nezuko.

The Story

Basically, the story is focusing on Tanjirou journey to turn his sister Nezuko back to human. However, to find the answer on how to turn his sister, he has to learn how to kill demons on the other word, he needs to become a demon slayer.

Poor but lovely family

It’s all start when Tanjirou father passed away and Tanjirou has to replace his father position. Despite the hard life that they have been through, they enjoy and happy with their simple life.

Kimetsu no Yaiba-Simple Family
Simple family

That day is the same day as the day before, Tanjirou goes to village to sell charcoal and help people on the village as usual. On the way back home, Tanjirou stays at the villager house because the night is coming and the legend says Oni (demon) is hunting for human during the night.

The legend also says that there are people hunt Oni as well. Tanjirou grandmother also told him the same story, but no one knows the truth behind the story. Until Tanjirou goes back to his house the next morning and found his entire family got killed.

Kimetsu no Yaiba-Nezuko

Tanjirou has a sensitive nose that could smell almost anything from a certain distance. On his way back home that morning, he smells blood from his house direction and then found his entire family got killed. In his rejection of reality, he finds that Nezuko is still alive and he tries to bring Nezuko to the village.

Special Oni

Oni eats human to gain energy, the more Oni eats human the stronger they are. Tanjirou does not believe Oni exists in the world until he sees his sister turned into Oni and attacked him.

Kimetsu no Yaiba-Oni

Oni is much stronger compared to a human, regenerate quickly and even have a unique ability. Tanjirou does not want to hurt Nezuko and he believes that Nezuko can be turned to human again. During the fight with his sister, fortunately, a demon slayer named Tomioka Giyuu showed up.

However, because he is a demon slayer Giyuu needs to kill Nezuko because she is a demon now. In desperate because of Nezuko is his only famile left, Tanjirou decided to fight Giyuu with his axe. A miracle happened after Tanjirou beaten by Giyuu, Nezoku protects Tanjirou.

Kimetsu no Yaiba-Tomioka Giyuu
Tomioka Giyuu-Demon slayer

After saw that miracle, Giyuu decided to help Tanjirou and Nezuko and send them to a demon slayer trainer named Urokodaki Sakonji.

First oni encounter

After getting the recommendation to Urokodaki Sakonji, Tanjirou and Nezuko start their journey to become a demon slayer and to turn Nezuko back to a human. During the journey, they meet the first oni that just eats human. Basically, Tanjirou has above the average human ability, for example, his reflect.

Kimetsu no Yaiba-first oni
First oni

However, that is not enough to kill oni that has a great regeneration ability and even after Nezuko cut his head, he can generate hands from his head. There is a special sword that could kill oni and demon slayer usually use that kind of sword. Baically just cut the head of the oni and it is done.

Kimetsu no Yaiba-Tanjirou too kind
Tanjirou hesitating to kill oni

The other weakness is sunlight, oni can not touch sunlight or expose to sunlight. That is why oni just hunts during the night to avoid the sunlight. If they expose to sunlight, they will die. Tanjirou is a really kind boy, and he could not even kill oni until the sunlight kills the oni.

Training with Urokodaki

After the first encounter with oni, finally, Tanjirou meets Urokodaki. Urokodaki never shows his face and always wearing a Tengu mask. Basically, Tanjirou is learning many things from Urokodaki in the mountain. The most important thing probably the breathing technique.

Long story short, Tanjirou has learned everything from Urokodaki and he has nothing to teach to Tanjirou anymore. However, to join the demon slayer test Urokodaki asks Tanjirou to cut a big stone with his sword. If Tanjirou could do it, then Urokodaki will allow him to take the test and vice versa.

During his desperation and frustration, Tanjirou met Sabito and Makomo. They are former Urokodaki students that got killed during the demon slayer test. Without knowing they are a spirit, Tanjirou is always training with Sabito until one day he could defeat Sabito and turned out he cut the stone as well.


Above is the summary of the episode 1 -3, I have watched until episode 4 and I would really recommend Kimetsu no Yaiba. First of all, it is samurai and I love samurai with a crazy technique and skills. After watching until episode 4, I’m confident with the story, solid shounen story with some tragic accident as a background and a clear goal as well.

Just the matter of time and how he becomes strong, basically that is the key or the story. The journey of Tanjirou to become strong and help his sister to become human again. I’m expecting a team or group based on the opening and the episode 4 showed a little bit of potential partner.

Not only partner, but he also needs a rival as well, so I think there will be someone as a rival. His rival probably not agree about his decision to protect his sister or something related to his kindes to oni. I also like the artwork from Ufotable, and the opening song from LiSa makes it perfect!

The story is getting better in episode 4, during the episode 1-3 Tanjirou is still a little bit weak but has a high potential. During episode 4, he (probably) could defeat oni that killed Sabito and Makomo. I think the anime should get season 2 or so on if not with a long episode at once.

Because there are still many things missing on the anime i.e. demon slayer and oni side. Even on the opening song, there are some of the demon slayer team that still a secret and also some characters that probably a key that needs to be explained. I would give an 8,5/10. Hopefully, Kimetsu no Yaiba could reach my expectation which is high!

As usual, please let me know what you think about Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer). Also, if you have any anime recommendation leave at the comment section so everyone can see!


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