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This is it guys! The kind of movie that I really love. If you new to my blog, I really like zombie, exorcism, demon and god kind of movies or drama. I have been watching Train to Busan, Rampant, The Guest, and the latest one is The Divine fury. I didn’t know Kingdom before until I saw on google or social media about season 2 of the Kingdom.

I saw the poster and there was a reflection of zombie if I’m not mistaken. Then obviously the next step that I took was searching what is this movie about πŸ˜€ Without a doubt I watched the first season all 6 episodes in a sit! Overall, I really like the story because it is not like a movie that mostly around 2 hours. Without any further do, let’s start the review!


To put it in a simple way, Kingdom is all about a Kingdom that have a problem with zombies. Well, not only zombies but also the people in the Kingdom itself. If you ever watched Rampant, it has a similar plot but just longer. The Kingdom is dying because of corruption and the hunger of power. Then the crown prince wanted to save his people from the corrupt people and zombies.

The Cast

Kingdom Cast
Kingdom cast

The main cast members are Ju Ji-hoon as Crown Prince Lee Chang, Ryu Seung-ryong as Cho Hak-ju, Bae Doona as Seo-bi, Kim Sung-kyu as Yeong-shin. I saw Ju Ji-hoon on another movie Along with God, I think he is suitable for his character in Kingdom. I’m not familiar with the rest of the members though πŸ˜€


Zombie, zombie, and zombie!! Finally, I can watch a zombie genre movie. I really like a zombie and apocalypse related genre. Alright, basically the story is about a kingdom in Korea that is facing a problem like corruption, internal conflict because of power just like in other kingdoms. However, to make things even worse there are zombies involved!

The Crown Prince Lee Chang is trying to get his throne after his father, but the queen is pregnant and expecting her child will become the next king because her family is basically controlling the king and kingdom. Then the zombies just make everything become more complicated as people can affected and turn into zombies army that will destroy the entire kingdom.

Apart from the throne, Lee Chang also trying to stop the zombies spreading all over his kingdom and infecting all the population.

King is dead

King is dead
King is dead

It all started when the king is sick and everyone on the kingdom including Lee Chang the Crown Prince is having a question whether the king is fine or not. The main problem is Cho Hak-ju the Chief State Councilor and the queen is hiding the king and telling everyone that no one can visit him including Lee Chang.

In desperation, Lee Chang tries to infiltrate to the king’s place and he finds something odd is happening there. First of all, he smells something unpleasant then discover a monster-like shadow that moving around in the place.

king became zombie
the king became a zombie

Those discoveries made him even more curious about his father’s condition and what is actually happens in the palace. In order to find more clues, Lee Chang decided to go to get the medical record of his father and found out that medical records are stopped after several days of treatment.

The more he knows the more he does not understand what is happening to his father. Finally, he decided to meet the doctor that treats his father and his journey is begin here. At first, I thought that Lee Chang is a kind of weak and spoiled crown prince. However, after watching more episodes I can see that he is a type of hero that could battle and survive hundreds of zombies on his own.

The first few episodes are really just an introduction of what is happening in the palace, who is in control etc. But it turned relatively quick into a mess full of zombies and blood in the next episodes and then you can see the actions.

It all starts here

In my opinion Kingdom season 1 is explaining what is going on in the kingdom and Lee Chang’s journey to a different places in his kingdom discovering many things while trying to stop the zombies spreading and find the cure. It all starts with a doctor that discovers a plant that could be used to resurrect people from the dead.

the doctor who discovers the plant
The doctor who discovers the plant

I do not want to explain about this really in depth because there will be some part of the stories that will be explained in the season 2 which I will update as well after this. Basically, the doctor discovers a “magical plant” that could bring the dead alive, alive here means becomes a zombie.

In season 1, the king actually already dead and the doctor used the plants to resurrected him into a zombie as Cho Hak-ju request. Cho Hak-ju wants to keep the king alive even though as a zombie to wait until his daughter which is the king’s wife gives birth to a boy and continues to become a king after the current is dead.

the doctor went back with a dead body
the doctor went back with a dead body

The pandemic started after the doctor’s assistant got bitten by the king and dead, after that the doctor went to his place. Well, if I have to blame someone for this pandemic I would blame one guy after Cho Hak-ju. I don’t want to give a spoiler, you just need to watch and maybe you will understand haha


The situation is turned out into a mess quickly on this episode, all people on his place are turned into zombies and starts spreading and eating people that eventually turns them into zombies as well. There will be blood and horror faces of zombies that will continuously appear afterward.

Lee Chang’s Journey

The zombies are not yet spreading at this moment as they only move during the night somehow. The survivor from the doctor’s place named Yeong-shin tries to keep the zombies inside the place. However, Lee Chang came and discover the bodies (zombies) and the military brought all of them to the town.

Lee Chang discovers the zombies
Lee Chang discovers the zombies

Now, this is the first town where all the zombies start to spread. They do not know those are zombies and active during the night. Long story short, the night turns into a nightmare of blood and zombies!

the zombies start to attack during the night
the zombies start to attack during the night

Lee Chang tries to find the survivor, in this case, the doctor’s assistant is still alive and try to find the plant to make a cure for the plague. Starting from here, they are working together to save as many people as possible and go to the nearest place and warn them about the zombies.

In the end, Lee Chang’s group arrive at his acquaintance or maybe his former teacher when he was a kid. There is a suspicious thing as well in here, they seem like know how to prevent and fight the zombies. The ending of the first season is they stuck at this place while trying to stop the zombies going inside of the town. Most importantly, they will soon discover a really shocking truth in season 2.

My thought

I really enjoy watching Kingdom and actually finish the first reason in one sitting haha. South Korea is really good combining the zombies with the history from the past. During the first season the problem is mainly fighting the zombies and find the cure, but also fighting the bad guy in the kingdom and stop them abusing their power.

It is an interesting combination and kind of a new genre, normally zombie apocalypse is during the modern-day but kingdom is proofing that this kind of apocalypse could also happen in the kingdom era. As a zombie enthusiast I really recommend watching Kingdom, the only issue is the episode is actually short (only 6 episodes). Someone like me could finish it in one day πŸ˜€


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