Korean Drama: Fight My Way (쌈 마이웨이) Review

Finally I watched Fight My Way drama, it was airing from May 2017 on KBS2. I saw a lot of posts on Instagram about the drama, fortunately, I had time to watch because it was during Christmas and New Year holiday.


Actually this drama has a deep meaning and messages. The story is about to fight your way to achieve your dream or goal. Focusing on the male and female lead that has a hard time in their life, they almost give up their dreams to live a normal life to just survive day by day.

The Casts

The cast members are Park Seo-Joon as Ko Dong-Man, Kim Ji-Won as Choi Ae-Ra, Ahn Jae-Hong as Kim Joo-Man, and Song Ha-Yoon as Baek Seol-Hee. You probably already seen Park Seo-Joon on What’s Wring with Secretary Kim drama. Meanwhile, Kim Ji-Won is famous from the Heirs and also The Descendant of The Sun. That was my reason to try to watch the drama, because I know Park Seo-Joon and Kim Ji-Won.

The Story

The story is focusing on the four main characters, they are friends from they were a kid. Ko Dong-Man is a former Taekwondo player who used to be a famous and great player. Unfortunately, he stopped Taekwondo due to an issue and he lives his normal life in a pest control company. Meanwhile, Choi Ae-Ra has a dream to become an announcer on TV news. The story starts when they are still in a high school and has a big dream. But, life punched them hard with reality.

Life after they finished school is really different, they have to accept the reality that it is hard to achieve their dream. In the end, they live a normal life and buried their dream. Then at some point, they woke up and fight their ways to achieve their dream. Fight for My Way has a good story, meanwhile focusing on their dream there are few sides story that is completely surprising.

I really like how Park Seo-Joon plays Ko Dong-Man role, He is stupid and full of himself sometimes just like a kid. Moreover, Kim Ji-Won is also great as Choi Ae-Ra, a though and sassy girl that not giving up on her dream despite her situation and how people treat her to stop her dreaming about an announcer.

You will find many comedy scenes since the beginning of the drama. The love story also good, you will find more than one love triangle in the drama. Also, many surprising plots that will completely makes you dumbfounded.


I highly recommend to watch Fight My Way drama. It is fun to watch, nothing too serious and has a deep meaning. I really like Ko Dong-Man and Choi Ae-Ra characters, they make the drama fun to watch. Meanwhile, Kim Joo-Man and Baek Sul-Hee love story also funny and touching in a certain way. It is almost the same feeling when I watch The Player, I can’t stop until I finish all the episodes.


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