Korean Drama Her Private Life Review

Finally, I had a chance to watch Korean drama Her Private Life. I have been occupied by many things for a couple of weeks. I saw many things about Her Private Life on social media, and finally yesterday I got a chance to watch it. Korean drama Her Private Life is based on a Korean novel called Nuna Dot Com written by Kim Sung-yeon and published in 2007.


The drama itself starts airing from 10 April to 30 May 2019 by tvN. The genre is comedy and romance. Her Private Life is about Sung Deok-mi that has a dream to become an artist but have to give up her dream because of the financial issue. Although she gave up her dream, she becomes a curator a talented for Cheum Museum of Art.

Besides her job as a curator, she is also a fangirl for Cha Shi-an one of the members of the White Ocean boy group. She also has a fansite called “Shi-an is my life”, she tries to hide this side of her life from others.

Meanwhile, Ryan Gold is a famous artist from New York that has an issue and could not draw anymore. The story is focusing on their love story and other mystery about Ryan Gold’s past.

The cast

The cast that attracts me a lot was Park Min-young, she is the main reason why I watch the drama. I’m sure most of the people that watch Korean drama are familiar with Park Min Young. The first drama I saw her was “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”, and it was a good drama.

In Her Private Life, Park Min-young plays the female lead character Sung Deok-mi. The lead male character is Kim Jae-wook as Ryan Gold. I saw Kim Jae-wook on The Guest before this drama, I really recommend to watch The Guest as well. The other cast members are Ahn Bo-hyun as Nam Eun-gi, One as Cha Shi-an, Kim Bo-ra as Sindy/Kim Hyo-jin.

One is a solo rapper under YG entertainment, I thought he is Kim Jin-woo from Winner. Moreover, Kim Bo-ra also plays a role in drama Sky Castle as Kim Hye-na. Other side characters that make the drama better are Kim Sun-young as Uhm So-hye (Kim Hyo-jin’s mother) and Park Jin-joo as Lee Seon-joo.

The story

First of all, judging from the posters or the trailer the story would be about Sung Deok-mi a curator as well as a fangirl that tries to hide her fangirl life from other people. Well, that is true because you might see this plot during the first few episodes.

However, after that, the story is changing into more about Ryan Gold, Sung Deok-mi and Nam Eun-gi childhood. I would say there are 2 important plots, i.e. bubble paintings and Ryan Gold childhood.

Hardcore fangirl

The first few episodes are heavily explaining about who is Sung Deok-mi. She has a job as a curator but, she is also a hardcore fangirl of Cha Shi-an a members of White Ocean. She is also a manager of fansite called “Shi-an is my life”.

her private life - hardcore fan

This storyline is really new to me, I’m pretty sure that this fangirl or fanboy life are based on true experiences. If not 100% true, at least there are some moment or facts that are true about this hardcore fan. I’m sure that at least the camera and waiting at the airport or other places are facts.

I friend of mine is a kpop lover and you know many idols come to Bali either for holiday or working. If she likes the idol or artist, she always waiting at the airport just to see them and put it on social media. She does not have a really big camera but I’m sure someone does.

OK back to the story, basically Sung Deok-mi and her rich friend Lee Seo-joon is a hardcore fan for Cha Shi-an. One day Sung Deok-mi has a job in Shanghai to buy a painting and she met Ryan Gold for the first time. There were competing to get a bubble painting, Sung Deok-mi is buying for Cha Shi-an for his birthday present, meanwhile, Ryan is for himself.

Long story short, because of Cheum Museum of Art director’s husband got a scandal and have to get into jail the director which is Uhm So-hye has to step back from the position. In exchange, Ryan Gold fills the position and once again meet with Sung Deok-mi.

Scandal with idol

So, now they are working in the same place and they have the end goal to make an exhibition to celebrate the museum 5th anniversary. Ryan Gold has an idea to make an exhibition for an artist that collect paintings or other items. Soon after this idea, their first target is Cha Shi-an and the bubble paintings.

They have a meeting together at Cha Shi-an place, knowing she will go to her favorite idol place Sung Deok-mi is really excited. Then she makes a mistake on the toilet and her clothing is soaking wet. Knowing this, Ryan Gold gives his jacket to cover her wet clothing.

Hardcore fans attacking Sung Deok-mi

The main problem here is that Ryan Gold’s Jacket is the same as Cha Shi-an’s jacket given by Sindy. Sindy is Kim Hyo-jin pseudonym on the internet and famous because she is the fastest person that uploading everything about Cha Shi-an.

Sindy claims that the jacket is limited and only 1 in Korea which is Cha shi-an’s jacket. Then she spotted Sung Deok-mi walking outside with the same jacket and took pictures and uploaded claiming that Cha Shi-an is in relationship with her.

The result is all the hardcore fans attacking Sung Deok-mi in real life. Then Ryan suggested to play the same thing, which is fake dating and collaborate with “Shi-an is me life” fansite manager to upload their picture on the fansite to make clear everything.

The funny thing here is that Ryan thought Sung Deok-mi and Lee Seo-joon are dating because they are so close. Their relationship is getting complicated after this accident and playing fake relationship.

The bubble paintings

The mystery of the bubble paintings is one of the main plot on the drama. Ryan Gold could not draw anymore after he saw the bubble paintings. After that he decided to collect the paintings and try to find who is the artist behind it.

bubble paintings

On the other hand, Cha Shi-an also collecting the same paintings and he knows there are 9 paintings. I started speculating when I saw this, why Cha Shi-an knows there are 9 paintings even though he is not an expert on the painting. Meanwhile, Ryan which is an artist does not know about this.

The other reason why Ryan would like to find Lee Sol the artist is because he remembers something when he sees the painting. He saw the person who makes the painting, and he thought that person could be his mother. One important fact Ryan is left behind an orphanage when he was young.

So, naturaly he thought that his mother abandoned him. Everything is getting clearer after Cha Shi-an’s mother finally shows up. Her reaction to the paintings tells you everything. She is Lee Sol the artist of the paintings, and Ryan Gold mother at the same time.

Last bubble paintings

After he found out his mother and hear an explanation from her, still could not accept it. This is another mystery/plot in the drama, her mother did not abandon him. There was an accident and his mother could not come to the place she left Ryan for a long time.

Childhood mystery

This is another plot or mystery to be solved on the drama. On the first episode, you will see children playing together. That is Ryan, Sung Deok-mi, Nam Eun-gi, and Sung Deok-soo. Ryan met Nam Eun-gi and Sung Deok-mi on the playground. Because her mother involved in an accident, Sung Deok-mi’s mother took him home.

Unfortunately, after a few months Sung Deok-mi’s family bankrupt and at the same time Sung Deok-mi and Sung Deok-soo her little brother got an accident. Sung Deok-mi forgot everything and Sung Deok-soo did not survive the accident. This is why Sung Deok-mi could not remember any memories from her childhood.

Because of the hard situation, Sung Doek-mi’s mother left Ryan on an orphanage. And this is explaining the puzzle, her mother got an accident and Sung Deok-mi’s mother took him and left him on an orphanage.

At the first time, I thought the woman is Sung Deok-mi’s mother and she is the artist behind the bubble paintings as well. However, I could not find any strong reason behind this. Because it is impossible in the end Ryan and Dung Deok-mi is a sibling. After the real Lee Sol shows up, everything makes sense again.


Overall I like the story line, it was lighter than I thought actually. I was expecting some violence or sabotage to the event by Uhm So-hye. Kim Hyo-jin/Sindy character development also beyond my expectation. I thought these 2 characters would bring something up. They actually did, but only on the first few episodes.

The issues are only the mystery on the bubble paintings and Ryan childhood. There are many romance scene between Ryan and Sung Deok-mi, kissing scene as well. The hardcore fan activities was less then I thought, again only on the first few episodes after that just focusing on the main plots.

The reason I watch the drama is Park Min-young. Since she played a secretary role on the previous drama, I think this is also similar like a secretary job. I would say the production team still considering the effect of her previous drama.

The comedy part was also well played by Uhm So-hye and other support characters. It was not much, but on point and fun to watch. Overall, I would give 8,5/10. It was fun to watch and has a simple and light storyline. I finished the drama within 2 days by the way 😀

Please let me know if you have any drama recommendation!


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