Korean Drama: Item Review

Kdrama review time!! After finishing The Guest, I was looking for another drama as usual. I have been watching My Strange Hero for several episodes, then I stopped somehow. Fortunately, I found another interesting drama called “Item”.


Apparently, drama Item is based on a webtoon series with similar title. The genre is mystery and fantasy, which is my favourite. The story is exactly like the title, it is about the “item”, the item refers to several tools that have a mysterious power. Prosecutor Gon’s life changed after he involved in a crime with the mysterious item. Moreover, to be able to save his niece, he has to collect the items.

Currently, the drama is airing on MBC with a total of 32 episodes (30 minutes). The latest episode is 8.

The Casts

Item casts
Item casts

The main casts are Ju Ji-Hoon as Kang Gon the prosecutor, Ju Ji-Hoon also played in the famous Korean movie Along with the Gods and Kingdom which is a Netflix series about a zombie. I would like to watch the Kingdom next after finishing Item as well.

Next is Jin Se-Yeon as Shin So-Young a profiler that has a good skill investigating the crime motives etc. I know her from a variety show called Knowing Brother, she appeared as a guest. I have never seen her in drama before.

Kim Kang-Woo as Jo Se-Hwang is the antagonist, he is a psychopath that has a lot of money and power. Also, he is collecting the item and killing or torture people just for his fun. Kim Yoo-Ri as Han Yoo-Na, she is Kang Gon’s friend and I think she loves Kang Gon, but she is under control Jo Se-Hwang.

The Story

The story is about Kang Gon a prosecutor against Jo Se-Hwang a rich psychopath that has a lot of power and money. The story begins when Kang Gon sent Jo Se-Hwang to the jail despite the head of the prosecutor against him. The result, Kang Gon got transferred to a small region to reflect his action.

After 3 years, and a day before come back to Seoul he met a woman harrased by a man. He intended to help the women and arrest the man, however he met a man that has a lot of energy more than usual man just because of bracelet. During the fight, the bad guy fell from the building into the sea and lost his bracelet. Unfortunately, Kang Gon niece found the bracelet and keep it.

The Battle of Items

Item - Kang Gon vs Jo Se-Hwang
Kang Gon VS Jo Se-Hwang

Arrived in Seoul, Kang Gon started with a weird case where the killer hanged the victim upside down. Also, the victim has a weird wound all over the body and a piece of paper from a bible. Having the same case, Shin So-Young has a hypothesis that the killer is the same person and use some kind of mysterious tools or power to kill the victim.

Knowing that Shin So-Young has the same hypothesis, Kang Gon shares the information about the item. Apparently, Jo Se-Hwang has many items e.g. the bracelet (increase physical power), Polaroid camera (look into future), perfume (manipulate a person), an album (trap soul). Realized that his bracelet disappeared, he tracks down the thieft and in the end, he found out that Kang Gon’s niece has the bracelet.

The battle between Kang Gon and Jo Se-Hwang getting more intense after Jo Se-Hwang found out Kang Gon’s niece has his bracelet. Jo Se-Hwang uses every way possible to get back the bracelet.

The soul trap

The last try from Jo Se-Hwang is to use the album that could trap a soul. He went to Kang Gon house and use the album to his niece and left her in a coma. Without knowing who is responsible and the reason behind it, Kang Gon confused. After found the bracelet inside a melodica which is Kang Da-In (Kang Gon niece) favorite music instrument, Kang Gon realized the reason behind it.

item-the album
The album

Jo Se-Hwang found it fun and interesting battling with Kang Gon, He gives Kang Gon clue about where are other items or where is the next victim. In order to save his niece, Kang Gon does everything. At first, Jo Se-Hwang gives Kang Gon a week time to collect items and find “room of wishes”.

item-kang da in's death
Kang Da-In’s death

If he could not find other items and room of wishes, Jo Se-Hwang will kill Kang Da-In. However, Jo Se-Hwang did not keep his promise and killed Kang Da-In just for fun. The soul that trap inside the album turns into a photo, if you break the photo the person will die.

However, from time to time the picture disappears slowly and Kang Gon heard the melodica played itself and he believes that his niece is still alive. My theory is, Kang Da-in could be resurrected somehow. I think the room of wishes is true or Kang Gon finds other way.

The pastor

Item-the pastor
The pastor

The story is not all about Kang Gon and Jo Se-Hwang. There is one character at the moment that has another item. The pastor has a whip and he uses to kill bad people that covered an incident at the park. Not only that, all of the people have a connection to Jo Se-Hwang.

So far he only killed the bad guy that covered the incident at the park, however, he causes a big problem for Kang Gon because everyone assumes that Kang Gon is the killer. It is not clear whether the pastor will help Kang Gon or not, because now seems like they have the same enemy.

I still have one question about the park, it is still not clear what was happening on the park. I Only knew that Jo Se-Hwang company is involved and another police, prosecutor etc helped him to cover up the case. Also, most of the items were from the park i.e. polaroid camera, the album which has the same logo as the park.

I think in the next few episodes I will get the answer. Also about Han Yoo-Na, I’m sure that she has a feeling toward Kang Gon, but she has a complicated relationship with Jo Se-Hwan that forces her to betray Kang Gon. Jo Se-Hwan always mentioning about her parents, so there is something happened.


So far I have been enjoying watching Item, there are already 16 episodes from a total of 32 episodes. Since I really like and enjoy a fantasy genre, I really recommend you to try to watch this drama. It has a good storyline so far and getting more intense, I’m sure it will be more intense in the next episodes.

There is no hardcore romance at the moment, but actually, it is good because it will not suitable for this genre or probably at the end could be good also. If you are into a fantasy, mystery type of drama I would really recommend because I think it is hard to find this type of drama.


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