Korean Drama : The Beauty Inside (뷰티 인사이드) Review

Korean drama review time!! It has been a while since I reviewed Your Honor. Hopefully my review is useful and make sense 😀 So, I found another potential good drama that you may put on your watch list. The title is The Beauty Inside, but if you search it on google it leads to another result movie with the same title).


The story is about an actress Han Se-Gye that has an unique/magical problem and Seo Do-Jae a boss that suffers from prosopagnosia. Once a month Han Se-Gye will turn to completely another person for a week, that is why she always disappear and people started to judge her. Meanwhile, Seo Do-Jae suffers from prosopagnosia, a problem on his brain that makes him can not differentiate a person from their faces.

The Cast

The main are Seo Hyun-Jin as Han Se-Gye, Lee Min-Ki as Seo Do-Jae, Lee Da-Hee as Kang Sa-Ra, and Ahn Jae-Hyun as Ryu Eun-Ho. Well, I do know Lee Da-Hee from the variety show like Running Man and Law of The Jungle. She is a great entertainer I think, however I have never seen her on drama. It is the same like Ahn Jae-Hyun, I have never seen him on drama, however I have heard that he is involved in a variety show called Journey to The West (CMIIW). Given that Lee Da-Hee is on the drama has intrigued me to give it a try.

The Story

The story is interesting in my opinion, just like another Korean drama the main characters has a similarity or common things. Han Se-Gye has a magic problem that will change her to different person. Meanwhile Seo Do-Jae can not recognize person from their faces. One thing for sure, Seo Do-Jae got the problem because of an accident. Well from the first 4 episodes, I can tell that He saved Han Se-Gye from the accident (My teory). Besides them, there is another interesting love story between Kang Sa-Ra and Ryu Eun-Ho. Given that Kang Sa-Ra has a scary personality because she is the Antagonis, meanwhile Ruy Eun-Ho has a unique and funny personality. Also I supposed, there is another funny couple on the drama which is Moon Ji-In as Yoo Woo-Mi and Lee Tae-Ri as Jung Joo-Hwan.

On the beginning episode, Han Se-Gye and Seo-Do-Jae hate each other and try to find each other weaknesses. However, on the process to find each other weaknesses makes them understand each other as well. Knowing each other weaknesses make them protecting each other in the end.


I have a good feeling with The Beauty Inside drama. Although it is just the beginning of the story from the first 4 episodes. I’m not sure about the rating or anything, I have not checked it. I think the side love story between Ryu Eun-Ho and Kang Sa-Ra will make the drama more attractive. Even though the main couple is interesting and I’m sure a lot of people anticipating it. I can not abandon the fact that the side love story also interesting and fun to watch. Judging from the first 4 episodes, the majority is still comedy and fun. To be honest, I think the story is almost the same with Devilish Joy. The man lead character has a short term memory due to an accident, and the female lead also an actress. As a closing statement I think The Beauty Inside is worth to watch.


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