Korean Drama: The Guest (손) Review

A few weeks ago, I asked people on Google + group about a horror drama recommendation. There was someone responded and gave The Guest as a recommendation. I thought it is an old drama at least from 2016 or so, but actually it was airing from September to November 2018. Finally, I watched it during the Chrismast and New Year Holliday.


The Guest has a horror and mystery genre. The story is about a strong evil spirit that controls the lower class spirit to possess human. The main characters hunt the spirit to get revenge for what the spirit did to their life and family. That is the brief explanation for the drama, you will see many exorcisms scene on the drama.

The Cast

The Guest main Casts
The Guest main casts

The main casts are Kim Dong-Wook as Yoon Hwa-Pyung, Kim Jae-Wook as Choi Yoon / Matthew, Jung Eun-Chae as Kang Gil-Young. To be honest I never seen them before, however, they really suit the character’s role. For Example, Yoon Hwa-Pyung is a little bit aggressive character and Kim Dong-Wook is a perfect match with his face. Not only him, but everyone really suits their role. I’m really impressed with the production team because could find a perfect person for every role. It happens on every drama that I watched actually.

The Story

At the first, the story looks like a strong evil spirit that suddenly appears in a village near the ocean for every decade. The villagers said it is a myth, however, it actually happens. One night a villager got possessed by the spirit and terrorized the village, at the end, the villagers believe that the spirit moved to a kid that has a psychic ability that is Yoon Hwa-Pyung.

Then the story grows even further to set the main characters at the same place and event so they have related issues. Furthermore, the priest that tried to help the kid was possessed with spirit as well and killed his family except for his little brother Choi Yoon that will become an exorcist.

The Guest Exorcism
Source: http://www.dramapanda.com/2018/09/first-impressions-guest.html

Meanwhile, Kang Gil-Young’s mother is a detective that tried to save Choi Yoon’s family. She saved Choi Yoon but she died because of his brother. Yoon Hwa-Pyung and Choi Yoon are constantly looking for the spirit separately, meanwhile, Kang Gil-Kyung became a detective and does not believe about spirit.

After that they meet at some point and found out that they connected and has the same issues. They decided to hunt the spirit together. The story is really good in my opinion, 9/10. You will find many plots twist, trust me you think it might be simple and you think you can guess who the spirit is. However, for me it was unexpected

Many exorcism scenes, many stabbing scenes and it was intense for me to watch the drama. It is a horror drama and you can expect the horror element.


I really recommend The Guest for those who love horror genre. It is really good, amazing story and characters. I would say prepare yourselves if you want to watch it, especially if you easily get scared. To be honest, I did not expect The Guest would be so good as a horror drama. It is scarier than I thought!

If you can not prepare your heart for the scary and horror drama, you may check Fight My Way. It is a comedy romance drama, it has a great story and deep meaning. Also, starring Park Seo-Joon and Kim Ji-Won as the main characters. Or if you are looking for another horror or exorcism kind of movie you may check The Divine Fury Movie


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