Korean Drama: The K2 Review

I like action Korean drama or movie in general, then my friend suggested to watch The K2. Honestly, I really considering the casting before watching a drama. When I saw Im Yoon-Ah SNSD, I decided to give it a try.


The main story is about an ex-private army that is hiding. After succeed moved to Korea and find a job, somehow he involved in a complicated situation with a private security company and hunts him down. Then he decided to join the private security company to get revenge to the one that killed his girlfriend.

The Cast

The main casts are Ji Chang-Wook as Kim Je-Ha also known as K2, Im Yoon-Ah as Go An-Na, Song Yoon-Ah as Choi Yoo-Jin, and Jo Sung-Ha as Jang Se-Joon. This was my first time saw Yoona SNSD in drama, and considering the male character is Ji Chang-Wook and I think it was a good match. Also, I like Song Yoon-Ah acting as an antagonist at the first few episodes. I think people who watch the drama might think she has a bad personality.


The K2 has a strong political genre, you might not see it during the first few episodes because the focus is Kim Je-Ha. However, after you reach episode 4 or 5 you will see that the main story is about a presidential election. Basically, Kim Je-Ha joined the JSS (private security company) because they have the same enemy which is the other candidate for the president and JSS has many resources that he can use.

The other interesting part that I would like to mention is the thee relationship between Kim Je-Ha and Choi Yoo-Jin. Well, I’m aware that the main love story is between Je-ha and An-na. However, seems like Yoo-Jin also fell in love with Je-ha judging from her treatment to Je-Ha. Some of my soul was actually like the possible love line between these characters. I mean, of course Je-Ha met An-Na first and then just became her body guard. However, I think Yoo-Jin gave everything to Je-ha (trust and power) so he could reach his position now.

Let’s talk about the action part now because it is an action drama as well. I would say there are many actions scene, it is a security company so you need a bad guy to deal with. As you probably know, Je-Ha becomes the strongest bodyguard of course. Towards the ending, there were few plots twist as well. Not only action, but there is also a comedy scene on the drama.


In general, The K2 is a good drama. Well, I was hoping there was some conflict inside Je-Ha mind about Yoo-Jin and An-Na. To be honest, I was always looking forward to seeing the scene between Je-Ha and Yoo-Jin instead with An-Na. It was a little bit slow and boring with An-Na, meanwhile, with Yoo-Jin it was faster and wild I think. Maybe it would be better if Je-Ha works secretly with Yoo-Jin instead of joining JSS to take down the antagonist. Anyway, I think it is worth to watch.


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