Korean Drama : The Player (플레이어) Review

The Player is one of my favorite Korean Drama now. The reason behind is because I saw Krystal is one of the cast members. Then I realized that Song Seung-Heon was the cast member as well. I watched The Bride of Habaek before and saw Krystal. Meanwhile, I know Song Seung-Heon from his drama called Black. And It has been a blessing I can watch them together in one drama.


I would say the story is like Robin Hood and at the same time it looks like Suicide Squad as well. The story is about a criminal team that consists of a smart swindler, hacker, fighter, and driver. Their goal is to take money from the other criminal, corruptor that invincible and can not touch by the law. They take their money and send them to jail. The drama currently still airing on OCN.

The Cast

The main cast are Song Seung-Heon as Kang Ha-ri / Choi Soo-hyuk, Krystal Jung as Cha Ah-Ryung, Lee Si-Eon as Lim Byung-Min, and Tae Won-Suk as Do Jin-Woong. Like I mentioned earlier, I found The Player because if Krystal and I wanted to give it a try. Other than the main casts, I really like Kim Won-Hae as Prosecutor Jang In-Gyu. I think I saw him on another drama with the same genre at least his role is like a police or something. That role really suits him the best I think.


Actually the story is simple, it’s all about revenge. Kang Ha-Ri wants to find the main person that made the plan to kill his father. For that reason, he does an investigation on his own to track everyone that has a relationship with “that person”. As time goes by, he made a team consisting of criminals to take the money from the bad guy (mostly politician) and send them to jail. As usual, if the drama is related to crime or law, the drama will show the dark side of the political parties. Whether the corruption, bribery, black campaign and so on. Basically, the law can not touch the one with money and connection. At the first time, I just wanted to watch 1 episode out of curiosity. However, I ended up watching the whole episodes (1-4 at that moment). The story just absorbed me, having said that, I confused with the story from the early episodes. Because it was like going back and then I did not realize whether it is already the present time or not. Many actions scene like fighting, chasing on the road and hacking of course. The drama has a fast pace story, I think that is the reason why I absorbed into the drama. The story is straightforward and intense, that does not let you breathe.


In general I really like the story. It is intense from the start, I think that is why I always look forward to the next episode. I like how Song Seung-Heon acting, I think he is just like himself 😀 He is really cocky and full of himself, yet I like a character like that. And then the other 3 members are also has a good chemistry with each other. They are always fighting just like siblings, and that is funny. For those who are seeking a romance, you might not find it. I mean, there is a small amount of love in the air but the action I think is enough to cover everything. The Player could be another alternative if you are looking for a drama like Terius Behind Me or Your Honor. Definitely put on your watch list!


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