Korean Drama : Your Honor Review

Sometimes I love to watch Korean drama, well not every Korean drama. Usually I could feel if the drama is worth to watch or not, this is purely my personal preference. So basically I found Your honor Drama accidentally, since I love to watch Variety show called 2 days 1 night and Yoon shi yoon is one of the member. It was just my curiosity to see his drama since I only watch him on Variety show after his drama Bread, Love and Dreams. I will try my best to explain it without any spoiler.


The main cast for the drama are Yoon Shi-Yoon as Han Kang-ho/Han Soo-ho, Lee Yoo-young as Song So-eun, Park Byung-eun as Oh Sang-cheol, and Kwon Nara as Joo-eun. Well, obviously I like Kwon Nara as the main cast here, but apart from the main casts, I like Park Ji-hyun as Park Hae-na. Also Park Ji-hyun is one of the cast from The Divine Fury movie with Park Seo-joon. The drama is all about Han Kang-ho and Han Soo-ho life, Hon soo-ho is a smart guy and becomes a judge meanwhile his twin Han Kang-Ho is a criminal. So basically Han Kang-Ho replaces his brother as a judge due to his brother is suddenly missing.


I think the story is one of the think that attract people to watch the drama. There are a few plot twists, people might be could foreseen and feel it but still it was not disappointing at all. The other thing is the character, you might notice that Yoon Shi-Yoon is acting for 2 characters (because they are twin). Obviously their character is really different, Han Soo-Ho is a genius but his attitude as human is not so good, on the other hand Han Kang-Ho is a criminal (not genius obviously) and has a free and wild life. Just imagine if Han Kang-ho that hates law and has no idea about law becomes a judge, EPIC!


Well of course I’m not a drama or movie reviewer expert, so you might not understand what I’m saying or disagree with my opinion. I think Your Honor is a good drama to put on your list, it is funny and serious at the same time and of course there is love in the air as well. Oh you need a love triangle? this drama got your back! There is also some scene in the drama that will make your heart beat going fast because it is so cool and you might re watch it a few times. The overall rating is 9/10 from me, well I have not seen the end of the drama yet, since it is still airing. If you are looking for a horror Kdrama series, you may try The Guest. I really recommend this drama, it has a good story and the most important thing is The Guest has a strong horror element.

Please do let me know if you have Korean drama recommendation in the comment below!


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