Korean Variety: King of Mask Singer

King of Mask Singer is basically a singing competition, but the singer has to wear a unique mask and costume. The show started in 2015 as a part of MBC Sunday program and has more than 180 episodes.

In my opinion, Korean singer competition or show has a really good quality. Especially the singer quality, they are very talented and has a really good voice. In King of Mask Singer, the singer will compete for each other fairly. That is why they wear a costume and a mask, so the audience will vote for their voices not based on their fame.

King of Mask Singer Sungjae BTOB

The rule is simple, there is few rounds to compete. After every round is finished, the audience will vote which singer they want to hear again. The loser will sing for the last time, and open the mask meanwhile the winner will compete in the next round.

Solji EXID

The champion will always compete with the challengers until the champion loses. If the champion is really good, usually the champion can hold the champion title for a long time even for 3 or 4 streaks.

Jungkook BTS

Many singers and idols has joined the competition to show their singing skill. The good part of the competition is the “anonymous”. The audience purely vote for their voices not based on their fame.

Because of this competition, the singers could show their actual singing skill. Sometimes, people argue that this singer or this idol could not sing. Therefore, through King of Mask Singer, they could prove that is wrong.

You might find the audience or the judges cry when someone is singing. Because of their voices match with the song and touch their heart.


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