Korean Variety Show : Knowing Brothers (아는 형님)

Knowing Brothers is one of my favorite variety show back then. I always watch every episode of the show, especially if the guest is a girl group. I think the show is unique and fun, moreover Kim Hee-Chul Super Junior is really crazy on this show.


Knowing Brothers

I do not really watch the early episode when the members are 9, so I’m not sure what was the concept. The new concept is about school, the setting is on the school and the members also a student. The other thing is, between the guest and the members have to speak an informal language because they are a friend and have the same age on the show. And the main show is the members will try to guess questions from the guest. Usually, the questions are from their personal experience, and the funny thing is the members can say whatever they want even though it is really stupid yet funny answers. Other than the Q&A, usually they have another scenes. whether a comedy skit or a challenge or competition between the guests and the members.

The Members

Knowing Brothers consists of 9 members at the beginning of the show, however after several episodes only 7 members left until now. The members are, Kang Ho-Dong, Kim Hee-Chul, Lee Soo-Geun, Seo Jang-Hoon, Kim Young-Chul, Min Kyung-Hoon, and Lee Sang-Min. They are a bunch of funny guys, Kang Ho-Dong is already famous and has a big name in a variety show. The chemistry between the members is also one of the good things on the show. For example, Kim Hee-Chul and Min Kyun-Hoon that has a good chemistry and just like crazy during the show. Lee Soo-Geun is a witty guy, he has a quick brain to generate a joke.


For me, Knowing Brothers is a funny variety show. I like it if there is a girl group as a guest because they will be going crazy. I can assure that they will ask, which member is the guests favorite. Also the answers to the guest’s questions usually funny, either it is a dirty joke or just stupid answer. But in the end, they get the right answer which is fascinating. I’m not sure how long does it takes to get the right answer because I think they cut it sometimes. But in the end, I think this is a good variety show to watch.


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