Kpop Songs that You Have to Listen in 2019

2019 will be ended soon, and for the past couple of months, I listened to many Kpop songs that I really recommend you guys to listen to. I’m pretty sure most of you already knew the songs, but for a newcomer might be a good start as an introduction to Kpop world.

BTS ( 방탄소년단 /Bangtan Sonyeondan


Who does not know BTS nowadays, boy group with 7 hot males with amazing dancing and singing skills. Their popularity just skyrocketing for the past couple of years and getting recognized globally. Now they have many collaboration with international musicians i.e. Steve Aoki, Halsey, and their latest collaboration with Lauv.

Mic Drop

If you don’t know who is BTS, maybe you want to start with Mic Drop feat Steve Aoki. If I’m not wrong this song is their first song featuring an international musician. They have the original version, but I like the remix the most. If you listen to the lyrics, actually it contains a message to their hatters and this is kind of a proof

Boy with Luv

Moving on to another collaboration with international musicians. This song actually really addicting and the groove just good. I really recommend this song to build a good mood when you are traveling and sing along with your friends. Even on my Spotify this song always on a recommendation for “best song to sing in a car” playlist 😀

Make it Right

This is their latest song and also a collaboration with Lauv. I heard this song a lot on the radio but I did not realize that this was a BTS song. I really recommend this song as well, and easy to sing along when you listen to the song.

Trust me, they have more than these 3 songs that are really good. You can listen to Blood, Sweat, and Tears and some of their older songs like Danger, Boy in Luv, DNA (I’m not so into this one), Fire, and Fake Love.

BTOB (Born to Beat)


If you are a newcomer to Kpop, most likely you only know BTS or Black Pink because only those groups that really famous and make it to the international level recognition. However, there is a lot more good group out there that have really good music like BTOB for example.

I’ll be your Man

They are famous for their ballad songs, they are not relying much on the dancing. There is some dance on their song, but their vocal and rap just amazing. You can start with I’ll be your Man, and your mind will be blown away by their skills.


Another good song from BTOB that is on the list of kpop songs that you have to listen in 2019. Movie is a good fast song that will make you move your body to the beat. This is also proof that they also can sing a song like this not only ballad.

If you are lonely or feeling blue, you might want to listen to their ballad song i.e Missing You and Beautiful Pain.



Alright, let’s move on to girl group now 😀 One of my favorite girl group is Dreamcatcher, I have explained everything about them on my other post here if you want to know more. They have a unique concept, similar to Japanese anime opening songs I think that is why I like them.


You might find it funny for some of the title, sometimes it just random words. But, trust me the song is sooo good and you will enjoy it and listen again and again. Most of their songs contain rock element that will make you want to do headbang 😀

Deja Vu

This is their latest song, released 2 months ago and I just love it! Kpop in general is really addicting, I can’t stop listening to the song over and over again. Even on this song, their identity is still there, the rock element.



Another girl group, this is also my favorite. They had a good start on their careers with Latata. Since then, they just come back with good songs every time. I wrote another post solely for (G)I-DLE here if you want to check.


As I mentioned above, Latata is their first song in 2018. This is a good introduction to (G)IDLE. Good music and a catchy lyric that easy to follow and you will always remember it.

HANN (Alone)

HANN (Alone) is another good song that catches my attention from (G)I-DLE.

Uh-Oh is my other favorite from this group, and they just came back a few weeks ago with their new song called Lion.



Well, EXO has to be on the list of kpop songs that you have to listen in 2019. They released many hit songs in 2019.


Just a week ago EXO releases their new MV for a song called Obsession. This song is addicting, and really typical EXO songs. It reminds me of “Monster” their song 3 years ago.

A year ago they released “Tempo” and “Love Shot” and those are pretty good as well.

Park Bom (2ne1)

Park Bom

For those who does not have any idea who Park Bom is, she is a former member of 2ne1. After the group disbanded, she became a soloist. A few months ago she releases a song called “Spring”. I really like the song, her voice just unique and also Sandara Park has a part as well on this song.

Chung Ha

Chung Ha

Another soloist that has a unique voice and usually produce a good song. Chung Ha is a former girl group IOI that created from the TV show. After finishing the contract for 1 year, the group disbanded and Chung Ha became a soloist.


This is her latest song in 2019, if you hear her songs it is really unique with the music, title and dance. Her song just unique and she has her own music style that I really like.

벌써 12시 (Gotta Go)

You have to listen to this song as well, the music just addicting 😀

I have more lists than above, I just don’t realize all of them. Kpop is really addicting, I just can’t stop to listen to Kpop. Once you listen to Kpop you just can’t stop, even though you don’t really understand the lyrics 😀

I also want to show everyone that actually there is much more group that have good music other than the one that they know. Hopefully, from the lists above you can find your new favorite Kpop song! And don’t forget to share this to your friend and introduce them to Kpop!!


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