Mobile Game : Identity V

For those who play Dead by Daylight in PC might notice that the game concept is similar to Identity V. Identity V is the mobile game adaptation from Dead by Daylight. NetEase is the developer of Identity V.


Basically the game is all about 4 survivors and 1 hunter. Player can choose to be playing the survivors or the hunter. The survivors has to escape from the hunter, meanwhile the hunter has to kill all the survivors. The survivors need to work together to find the chiper machines to be able to open the gate and escape.

Identity V has a gothic visual style which fitted well with the dark and horror theme. There are a lot of characters in the game that you can use. The characters has different abilities that might be useful in the game. Costumes for the characters also available to make your character looks different and cooler.


If you are looking for a horror and intense mobile game, this might be for you. I think MOBA or battle royale is still popular and hard to compete. However, Identity V also has the multiplayer aspect on it. The combination of the characters in a team should be considered just the same like what MOBA does. The survivors need strategy to outperform the hunter, meanwhile the hunter also need a strategy to kill the survivors. The game is free for android and iOS, and I think it is worth to try if you are boring with MOBA or battle royale type of game.

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