Mobile Games : Killing Time Edition

Nowadays mobile game is just crazy, many games has a really good graphic and game play. On the other hand, the requirement for the phone to be able to play the games also getting higher. I will share a list of mobile games that does not require a high specification and just for killing some time.

1. Rise Up

Rise Up

The first game is called Rise Up, the goal is simple you just need to protect the balloon and go as high as possible. It is easy to play but hard to master, you have to move your finger really quick to clean and protect the balloon from the obstacles. There are a lot of obstacles, different type and different way to clean it.

Everytime you start a new game, the obstacles will be always random and not stay the same. The game is free, but as you know if the game is free and good there should be something bad as a consequence. That should be the ads, for some people the ads might be annoying since every few times you start the game there will be ads. Therefore, if you would like to remove the ads you may pay.

The game is for both android and iOS, here are the links if you would like to try!

App Store

2. Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop

As you can see on the image and the title, this game is about infinity loop. Basically, to finish the game you have to put everything together so it will make an endless loop. You only can rotate the pieces until you make the endless loop. As the level goes, the pieces are increasing and shape also becomes more complicated.

The game is free for android and iOS, below are the link to download it!
Google Play StoreApp Store

3. Brain It On

Brain on It

This game is also tricky to play, you just have to follow the instruction from the game. In early stage, the instruction would be like draw a shape, or move the ball to the container but it is getting harder as the level goes. It is hard to always get 3 stars, because you have limited chance to draw a shape and limited time as well.

The point is you always have to draw something to finish the game, and sometimes you just do not have idea how to finish the game. The game is free for android and iOS, below are the link to download!

Google Play StoreApp Store

Those 3 are the game that I recommend to try to kill some time. Despite the game is simple, but actually, it is hard and needs a lot of time to finish the level. The games sometimes make you get crazy because you would not be able to find a way or stuck at some level. But that is the thing that makes people love puzzle game.


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