Mukbang: A New Trend on The Internet

The History

2018 has ended and many new trend on the internet were booming on 2018. Mukbang is one of those new trends, well it is not completely new. Mukbang is started in South Korea around 2009, and gained much more popularity after an American entertainment duo reacted on a mukbang video.

So, what is mukbang? Basically, mukbang is an eating broadcasting show. In general, you will watch people eating online. Mukbang is from South Korea, that is why mukbang is from a Korean language as well. Korea has a lot of unique foods and beverages that attracted foreigner to try.


After an American entertainment duo reacted to the show, more people interested in this culture. In South Korea, not only from online broadcasting but also the cable channels show this. Now you may find a lot of mukbang channels and videos on youtube.

Why It Is Popular?

Many people said because of the loneliness. It feels like you eat with someone through the show because the original version of the show is online broadcasting, in another word it is a live show. The host and the viewers could communicate through the chat.


Other people find it interesting to see the host eating the food. Also, there will be always many foods for the show, the viewers could learn and see different type of foods from other country.

There is another unique thing with the show, that is ASMR. Through ASMR, the viewers could hear clearly the sound when the host eat and for some of people it is satisfying. Especially in South Korea, I saw some Idol did the show on their group youtube channel and I’m pretty sure their fans just crazy about it plus the ASMR.

Nowadays, the show just getting insane in my opinion. Usually, the host will prepare a lot of food to show, or there is some kind of challenge, for example, eat really spicy food. The other thing about this trend is if you have a big audience, you might get a sponsor and get paid to try the food or as an advertisement.


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