One Punch Man Season 2 Review

One Punch Man season 2 is one of the most anticipated anime this season. After the first anime launched back in 2015, and finally after 4 years of waiting we can see Saitama in action again!


For those who might not know, One Punch Man basically all about hero VS monster. To protect the city from monsters, there is an organisation that gather people that want to become hero to protect the city. The hero then have a ranking system, S hero is the highest ranking.

Saitama would like to become a hero because he just likes it and were training really hard until he lost his hair. Moreover, he could defeat all his enemy by only one punch, but only his student Genos that realizes his strength.


Basically, the story is about Saitama journey to become a high rank hero, but actually he doesn’t really care about the rank. Season 1 was mainly an introduction for Saitama and he joined the hero organisation. Meanwhile, on season 2 the story now is getting broader and explaining other heroes as well.

S class heroes

On the very first episode, one of the S class heroes just revealed. His name is King, many heroes and people believe that he is the strongest man on earth. For your information, I have not read the manga so I really don’t have any idea about who he is and I thought yeah probably he is the strongest hero.


However, he is just a normal person and has no special power at all. Which is strange because people and heroes organization says that he is the strongest hero. The truth is he is saved by Saitama so many times and he found himself on the monster scene so often. When Saitama kills the monster, he just wakes up near the monster after the attack and people thought that he is the one killed the monster.

Saitama and King
Saitama and King

Because everyone thinks that King is a strong hero, all of the monsters targeting him until Saitama came and saved him again. King then realized that Saitama is the person that always saved him. Having said that, until now I think only Saitama knows the real King.

Genos and Doctor Kuseno
Genos and Doctor Kuseno

Moreover, after defeating the cyborg that attacks King, Genos brought back some of the technology from the cyborg to his doctor. Since then, he upgraded himself and becomes stronger. Also, on the scene, both of them were mentioning a cyborg that they are looking for. I assumed that this cyborg is Geno’s real purpose to become stronger and learning from Saitama.

I would say the first few episodes are just for introduction for several heroes. For example King the S class hero, and Fubuki a B class hero.


On this second season of One Punch Man, the threat not only from monsters but also human. Garo was silver fang’s student that turned his back and hunts hero because he likes monster. Most of the first few episodes just explaining about Garo and showed how powerful he is against S class hero.

Garo has met Saitama accidentally after Garo defeated another hero. Without knowing Saitama is strong, Garo just attacked him and of course, doesn’s affect Saitama that much and Saitama just hit him once and he fell down. The funny moment here was Saitama actually wanted to buy a wig/fake hair and Garo misunderstood that Saitama was looking for him.

Despite Garo could defeat other S class hero, he still can’t beat Saitama. Besides the problem with Garo, the hero organization also dealing with monsters. The monsters invasion is getting real and more and more every day. Many strong monsters appear and attack the town. Not only that, now they have a monster organization as well and their attack is more structured and aiming the person behind the hero organization.

The rise of monsters

The purpose of the first few episodes was to build tension and momentum for the next episode. In my opinion, the first few episodes were explaining Garo too much with his hunting activities and left Saitama behind as the main character. Saitama just enjoying his life going here and there, and the last thing he does was joining a martial art tournament to learn more about martial art.

Meanwhile, his fellow heroes are struggling to fight with monsters. The latest episode shows that a strong monster defeated Genos and came to the tournament. The purpose of the monster organization is to kidnap the people behind the hero organization and make stronger monsters.

To make a monster, they offer human a monster cell to transform them into a monster. During the latest episode, the story is getting clearer why the first few episodes the story just about the monsters and Garo. Saitama finally against some monster that looks strong, but I’m sure he will defeat it easily.


It is good to see another season of One Punch Man after waiting for quite a long time. The scale of season 2 definitely bigger than the previous episode, many heroes revealed and the monsters are getting smarter. When the first time I saw the first season, it was cool but then what is the point to make the main character really over power and can beat anyone with one punch?

However, the story is deeper than I thought. Not only about how strong is Saitama, but the message itself. The way Saitama got his power is not an easy task, he trained a lot just because he wanted to become a hero as a hobby. But then many other heroes are seeing this “hero” thing as another thing. Power, fame, money and other things as the main reason to become heroes.

I really recommend to watch One Punch Man, it is fun to watch and contains a good message in my opinion. Make sure you watch the previous season before you watch the season 2.


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