Pokemon Go In 2019, Is It Worth to Play?

Pokemon Go was released in 2016, and I’m one of the players that played the game in 2016. It was really booming, who doesn’t like Pokemon? I grew up watching the anime since I was a kid and now I have a chance to feel it. To be honest, it was fun, I enjoyed it.

I played Pokemon Go as a motivation to go out and do some exercises in the morning. Everything was OK until many people were using a fake GPS or spoofing or whatever you call it. Basically, with some Apps, they could go to another region without even lifting their feet.

With that method, many people got rare Pokemon easily. This is also the reason why I stopped playing 3 years ago. I’m not sure if this only happens in Indonesia or also in other places. In Indonesia, we just don’t have good facilities for people to walk.

Also, we don’t have a strong “walking” culture if we want to go to some close places. I think this is also one of the reasons why people were using a cheat back then. They just did not get the essential or the goal of the game to actually go out and hang out with people.

Having said that, I just came back to the game a few days ago. There are many changes to the game and of course, I’m left behind with other players. So now the question is, is it worth it to come back and play the game again?

For those who are planning to play or come back after a break in a while, you may watch the video below to catch up on some important information in 2019.

New updates on Pokemon

There are many updates from 2016 to 2019, the first thing that you might notice right away probably the Pokemon. Now, you can update your Pokedex until Pokemon generation 4 which is Sinnoh.

Not only update on Gen 4, but legendary Pokemon also shows up, for example, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Raikou, Entei, Kyogre, and also mythical like Mewtwo. For me, those are huge updates, in 2016 there was a rumor that they will release the legendary birds but during that time I rarely play the game.

Pokemon Go-Pokedex

So, now I have a lot of Pokemon to catch not only the legendary Pokemon but also the other.

Shiny Pokemon

Not only the updates on Gen 4, but Shiny Pokemon also have been introduced by Niantic. For now, not every Pokemon have their shiny version. How to get it? It is just pure luck! You have to check every Pokemon that shows up just in case it is a shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Go-Shiny Pokemon
Shiny Magikarp

As you can see on the image above, the difference is on the color and there is a flashing star all over it. If you evolve it to Gyarados, the color would be red. The color is different on every Pokemon.

Raid Boss

Raid Boss also another new thing for me, basically there will be a boss on gym. If you ca beat the boss, you will have a chance to catch the boss. So, this is how you can catch legendary Pokemon. There are 5 tier of bosses, T1 would be the easiest and you can solo it. T5 is the legendary raid which you can get legendary Pokemon from this.

Pokemon Go-Raid Boss
Raid Boss

Keep in mind that you need a group of people to do raid, you won’t be able to defeat the boss from tier 3 alone unless you have a really strong Pokemon that counter the boss with you. You will see an egg on a gym that will have a raid and a count down on the top of it to hatch.

Usually, the raid boss will stay more than 30 minutes in the gym. If you defeated the boss, you will have a chance to catch it. There is a special ball to catch the boss raid, the color is silver. The amount you get depends on your team contribution if you are friends with other people and the gym.

So, I really recommend to do raid boss with your friend and you will get more balls to catch. To enter the raid, you will need a raid pass that you will get every day from spinning a gym. If you want to do more, unfortunately, you have to buy it with coins because of the free pass from the gym only once a day.

Not only to get legendary, but you also may get other Pokemon from the raid. You may check Pokemon Go Hub for the updates on raid bosses and how to counter it etc.

Event Update

Niantic also makes an event every month called Community Day. To be honest, I’m not sure how it looks like, but it is an event for the community to gather and hunting Pokemon together probably. I think there will be a boost on the lure that usually 30 minutes to a few hours.

I’m not sure about raid bosses, but the point is for the community to gather and meet each other. Moreover, there is an event called X Raid. Basically, a raid but you have to have an invitation for the raid. Also, not every gym could hold the X Raid event.

The gym should be labeled X Raid Gym in order to hold the raid. I’m not sure how to upgrade a normal gym to an X Raid Gym, but my friend told me that should be many people or ID doing a raid on the gym to be able to upgrade. Probably there is some threshold of player playing on the gym to upgrade the gym.

Is It Worth To Play?

For me, it is worth it. Even though I have to catch up a big level gap and Pokemon collection with the other.

Play with Friends and Community

The different from 2016 and now for me is the community and friends. I didn’t have friends or knew there was a community that I could join and play together. In my opinion, it is really hard to play a game like this alone, it is not like an MMORPG game on a PC.

You have to go out meet and play with other people in order to improve your level, Pokedex and pretty much everything because that is how Pokemon Go was designed to be. Without the community, you won’t be able to defeat a boss raid or trade Pokemon, etc.

Actually, I surprised myself being able to hang out and adapt with a complete stranger and enjoy playing the game. My first raid with the community was a Machamp, and the first person to show up? A pregnant woman! YES, a pregnant woman, I totally didn’t expect that.

The majority that has a higher level is a middle-aged man with 2 or 3 phones to play with several accounts. I could understand this because the Pokemon Go community in my hometown is not much, probably just 10-15 people that active. And we need many people to raid so they just make 2 or 3 more accounts.

It’s been around 1 week since I came back to the game and I really enjoy it. The community is so friendly and helpful, even though my level is low and don’t have a strong Pokemon to raid. They just told me to come and don’t worry about it.

As long as everyone happy and enjoy the game, that’s what we are looking for. So, this is my story with Pokemon Go, I met new friends and enjoy the game more even though the community is still small in my hometown.


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