Ragnarok M Eternal Love Has Been Released

Ragnarok is one the oldest online MMORPG, I would say Ragnarok is the pioneer of MMORPG genre. I’m sure if you are a gamer, you already know about the PC version long time ago. In Indonesia, we had to buy a voucher to play the game long time ago when online game was not that popular as today. Until today, the PC version is still exist in Indonesia. However, as time goes mobile gaming is really promising.


In general this is just a mobile version of the original Ragnarok from 2003. Of course there is some unique feature that will differentiate from other similar game. Like the PC version, there are 5 main classes that you can choose. Unlike the PC version that has 2.5 D, on the mobile version the graphic already 3 D. It’s just like Ragnarok 2, In Indonesia there was Ragnarok 2 with a 3 D graphic. Furthermore, there are few features such as, wedding, MVP bonus, pet system, screenshot.



Ragnarok M Eternal Love - Costume

Customization is important on every game, that is why many games offers a custom so they would be able to change their character appearance. Beside custom, there is a pet system as well inside the game that will help the player hunting.

Screenshot, BGM, Graphic

Ragnarok M Eternal Love - Screenshot

I think one of the reason a lot of Indonesian plays the game is because the nostalgia feeling. They have spent a lot of time played the game in the past with their friends, listening to the BGM in the town or the hunting area for sure will take the feeling back. To save and capture the moment, there is screenshot feature that will be useful. Moreover, player can take a screenshot of the monster and register it to the book and find out what are the drop items from them.

Book of Adventure

Ragnarok M Eternal Love - Book of Adventure

The player can record monsters, NPC and more with this book. Player can take a screenshot and then register the monster on the book to get more information about the monster such as the drop items.


I’m sure many of Ragnarok player will play the mobile version as well, although just try. What I’m afraid is it will be more like play to win game. If there is some chest or gacha system that allows the player get item for example. For sure if MMORPG there is always a free to play way that player can choose. Like I mentioned, many Indonesian will play the game for the sake of good old time with their friends. With the 3 D graphic sure will make the game more attractive. Also, nowadays so many emulator application for PC that can be used to play mobile game on PC. So it will be a new way to play the game in a PC just like the original version. Furthermore, there will be WoE (War of Emperium) that allows guild to compete with each other to take over the castle.
For those who want to try play the game, the game is available for Android and iOS. You can download from the link below.
Google Play StoreApp Store


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